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August 24, 2007

New Database - Mergent WebReports

Mergent WebReports is an online database of 180,000 corporate and industry related documents, including analyst equity reports on over 4,000 large and mid-cap US companies; annual reports, prospectuses, financial statements, and annual summaries on over 30,000 companies worldwide; and in-depth analyses of key industries in North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific, which describe the market environment, industry landscape and key market trends for companies, industries, countries and regions. Industries include automotive, banking, insurance, oil and gas, information technology.

Mergent WebReports is available for the entire UM system. If you have questions about using Mergent WebReports, or any of the other Kresge Library resources, please contact us at

August 23, 2007

Additional Content for OneSource Global Business Browser

Researchers using OneSource now have access to company and financial data for an additional 300,000 Asian companies, including countries from Australasia and the Middle East.

OneSource provides in-depth business information on nearly one million companies, including around 600,000 large and mid-sized companies in the United States and Canada; 260,000 companies in Asia and the Pacific; and nearly 100,000 other companies globally. OneSource aggregates and enhances content from over 30 diverse content providers representing 2,000 separate information sources including Reuters, CorpTech, Investext, RMA Industry Ratios, StatUSA.

August 21, 2007

New Year, New Look for Many Databases

Welcome back to another school year! While many of you were gone for the summer, the database vendors have been busy making changes to their user interfaces. Here is a list of some of the databases that have been given a summer face lift:

  • Adforum

    The new interface features new colors and a new toggle search box for searching for searching by ad or for an agency.
  • Global Market Information Database

    There have been some significant changes to this database, which were covered in an earlier post. Most notable is the addition of a personal login requirement for downloading or exporting data.
  • LexisNexis Academic

    The new 'Easy Search' feature allows for general keyword searching across several different sources available from LexisNexis, without having to select a category prior to searching. In addition, advanced search screens for Legal, Business and People data are also available.
  • Market

    The new front page provides a 'Browse by Industry' section for accessing reports, as well as a new search box, in the middle of the page. Search results are ranked by relevance and are easier to read.
  • ReferenceUSA

    The new interface provides a drop down menu at the top of each page for access to the Business or Residential listings. Items not available through the Library's subscription are in gray. The Custom Search tab lets you create your own search form with just the criteria you want to search on. The listings screens have been reorganized and are cleaner and easier to read.

During the coming term, several other databases will get a new look at well:

  • Business Monitor Online
  • Mintel
  • Thomson ONE Banker

If you have questions about these databases, or any of the other resources available from the Kresge Library, please contact us at, or stop by the Reference Desk.

August 10, 2007

Library Catalog and Remote Access to Databases Not Available on Tuesday, August 14

The Kresge Library and Computing Services will be updating the server for the library catalog on Tuesday, August 14. The library catalog, which also provides both on-campus and off-campus access to most of our databases, will be down from approximately 8am until 4pm during the data migration.

If you are on campus, please use the link titled "Alternative link for On-Campus use only"? from our A-Z Database Listing page to access a resource. If you need assistance, contact us.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will have a far more stable computing environment when this work is done.

Best – Corey

Corey Seeman

Kresge Business Administration Library
Stephen M. Ross School of Business

August 02, 2007

New Database - Mergent Online

Mergent Online is a new financial database that provides access to current and historical financial information on 15,000 US and 20,000 foreign companies, both active and inactive, including firm description, statistics, and financial information, as well as annual reports. Mergers, acquisitions, disposals, joint ventures, long-term debt, bond ratings, capital stock and insider trading are also provided in the company records. Historical data is available for the past 15 years. Company reports and financials can be exported to Excel.

Mergent Online is available for the entire UM system. If you have questions about using Mergent Online, or any of the other Kresge Library resources, please contact us at

August 01, 2007

GMID - Global Market Information Database Gets a New Look

GMID (Global Market Information Database) from Euromonitor has been given a facelift. The new interface provides category based access to the familiar set of market, demographic and economic history/forecast data.

Each industry has its own starting page with current industry news, links to market reports, statistics and company reports for that industry and its segments.

New starting pages have also been created for Countries, Consumers and Geographies, providing links to the reports and data related to those categories.

Looking for the familiar checkbox interface to the industry, demographic, consumer and economic data? Use the Menu Search under the 'Search' menu, or use the links on the left menu to select a specific statistical group.

If you have questions about using the new interface to GMID, or any of the other library resources, please contact us at