Kresge Library News: BNA Tax Library Name Change

September 27, 2007

BNA Tax Library Name Change

BNA Tax Management Library has changed its name to BNA Tax and Accounting Center. Along with the name change has come a new interface utilizing 'tabbed' access to the different sections of the site. Several new features have been added to the interface to make searching and using the materials at BNA Tax and Accounting Center easier:

  • Search the entire site from any screen.
  • Customize the interface and set the starting tab (requires account creation).
  • Split screen view for documents, showing table of contents and document section on one screen.
  • The 'Go To' feature to find a document by citation or category is available at the top of every screen.
  • For each tab section, an index of documents is available on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Printing can be done in batches of up to 25 documents.

If you have questions about the new BNA interface or any other Library resource, please contact us at


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