Kresge Library News: Database Update: Plunkett Research Online

September 17, 2007

Database Update: Plunkett Research Online

New features have been added to Plunkett Research Online, most notably a new customization feature called MyResearchAccount. Use your own personalized MyResearchAccount to save searches, make comments, edit your searches, run them over again, and delete them. Using this feature requires creating an account a Plunkett.

Read on for a listing of more new features.

Other new features include:
1) A two-tier menu bar that allows you to switch between industries and sections with ease.

2) Export directly from your search results list. Just click the “Export this Search� button at the top of the company search results list, to go directly to the export page. You no longer need to go to the Export Companies page and redo your last search (though you still can if you really want to).

3) Statistics are now featured in HTML format (with PDF format still available) so that the section will load more quickly, and you can search more easily (use CTL+F for now; a search bar will be available soon), and browse more smoothly.

4) Company profiles now have a “clear� button, so you can wipe all the search criteria instantly. You can also refine searches more easily as Plunketts will remember your last inputs with the “refine your search� link on the results page.

5) A mini Google search engine is now available in every Industry Research Center, so you can search across all data in a single industry, without reference to where that data is stored.

6) Associations and Organizations have a whole new look, making it easier to search.

7) Glossaries have full-alphabet indexes at the top of each page.

If you have questions on using Plunketts or any other Kresge Library resource, drop us a line at


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