Kresge Library News: Database Updates: LexisNexis

September 18, 2007

Database Updates: LexisNexis

LexisNexis has performed a major upgrade to their user interface. Probably the biggest improvement is the addition of the General Search tab. From this tab, you have the ability to search across news, legal and business information on a single screen.

The 'Power Search' tab allows you to limit your search to a specific publication or set of publications. Use the 'Find more sources' link in the 'Select Sources' section to enter in the desired titles.

Results screens groups your results by source type, such as newspapers, company filings and magazines and journals. Clicking on the links to these groups will show articles from just those sources. You can also regroup the result by other categories, such as publication name, industry or geography.

Access to the specialized search screens for Business and Legal searches have been moved to the button bar at the top of the screen so you can jump between search types at any point.

LexisNexis is available on the Library's A-Z Database list. If you have any questions about LexisNexis, or any of the other Kresge resources, please email us at


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