Kresge Library News: Updated Interface for 10-K Wizard

September 28, 2007

Updated Interface for 10-K Wizard

10-K Wizard has updated their interface. The tabbed access to the search features has been removed and the links for these different sections moved to a menu at the left side of the screen.

In addition, better searching is available. 10-K Wizard has indexed all words, numerical values, punctuation and symbols providing more accurate and comprehensive results for searches such as “7.5% senior notes? or references to FASB Standards. The 'total results' feature now gives an accurate count of results received.

You can also refine searches and see results in context snapshots on the results screen.

Looking for the 'Recent Filings'? Check then new menu across the top of the screen, which provides direct access to the different types of recent filings from any screen

If you have questions about the new 10-K Wizard interface or any other Library resource, please contact us at


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