Kresge Library News: New eMarketer Report - Online Recorded Music

November 28, 2007

New eMarketer Report - Online Recorded Music

eMarketer, provider of market reports on the Internet, e-business and online marketing, has published a new report on online recorded music in the US. Weighed down by plummeting CD sales, the global recording industry struggles to regain its footing in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Revising its previous estimates down, eMarketer forecasts that worldwide spending on recorded music will decline from $31.8 billion in 2006 to $26.2 billion in 2011.

To find out which musical categories can expect an upbeat, read the new eMarketer report, Recorded Music.

If you have questions on using eMarketer, or any of the other Kresge Library Databases, send us an email at eMarketer is available to all of the Ann Arbor campus.


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