Kresge Library News: Housing and Constructions Statistics Added to Global Insight

December 06, 2007

Housing and Constructions Statistics Added to Global Insight

Global Insight, which provides news, analysis and special reports for 186 countries and the automotive, health care, energy, healthcare, and telecommunication industries, has added new content covering historical housing and construction statistics on a sub-national level for the United States. This data is available in the DataInsight-WEB in the U.S. Economy section.

This is an easy way to get access to statistics from the Mortgage Banker's Association, Bureau of the Census, National Association of Realtors, covering topics such as average home prices, new construction starts, mortgage delinquency, and federal government construction in areas of public safety, conservation and other non-building construction. Many of the data series go back to 1968. Data can be exported to Excel.

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