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February 05, 2008

A Great Place for Advertising: YouTube

There are a number of resources that you can use to view advertisements. One of the resources that is definitely worth checking out is YouTube (it is not just for stupid stunts anymore)!

From the New York Times

For Marketing, the Most Valuable Player Might Be YouTube
Published: February 5, 2008
The Internet, digital video recorders, mobile devices and other technologies are giving a strong postgame presence to the annual roster of Super Bowl commercials.

Follow this link for the full article.

With more and more advertising available via YouTube and other resources, it is easier than ever to find and use advertising in your research.

The trick is getting the file so you can use it on your desktop when you are not connected to the Internet. Getting a file from YouTube has been tricky. But there is a great web application that you can use to grab YouTube videos and convert them to MP4 files.

Called YouTube to iPod and PSP Converter, this small program will download and convert YouTube videos into an MP4 file format among others. Good for your iPod, your PowerPoint Presentation or for working offline. This is from DVDVIDEOSOFT.COM and is free.

For students and faculty at the Ross School of Business, there is also Adforum. This database provides access to over 35,000 advertisements in all media. The focus is international. The database has audio and video capability. The source also provides access to news and other information relating to the advertising industry, including agency information. Be sure to log off as directed on the password sign on screen.


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