Kresge Library News: Full Text of Congressional Committee Hearings Now Available

February 19, 2008

Full Text of Congressional Committee Hearings Now Available

What arguments did Congress hear before authorizing President Bush to invade Iraq? What caused Apollo 13 to abort its trip to the moon? How did the Soviet Union hassle Latvia in the 1980s?

The University Library recently purchased access to the full text of Congressional committee hearings in pdf format, 1965-2003, with 1824-1964 available by December 2008.

Committee hearings provide expert testimony on social science, science, and health topics - anything that Congress funds or regulates or that piques its curiosity.

You can access the hearings on or off campus through LEXIS Congressional. Use the "Congressional Publications" section and do an "Advanced Search" by keyword, subject, title, witness, and/or witness affiliation combined with a date range. You will retrieve published hearings and a separate section for those in the full text digital collection.


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