Kresge Library News: Stay Up To Date with Database Alerts

April 16, 2009

Stay Up To Date with Database Alerts

One of the challenges of keeping up on a topic, whether you are a student or a professional, is dealing with the huge amount of information that is available in research databases. Searching databases takes time, and much of that time is often spent paging through resources and links you ultimately don't need.

To address that problem, many databases that are accessible through the Kresge Library have developed alert functionality. These services allow users to save an RSS feed or an email alert, usually through an individual account, that provides regular updates with information on a selected keyword or search phrase.

After you do a search, these database gives you the option to create an email or RSS alert based on the search terms you provided. You can generally limit the frequency with which you get an email alert, and sometimes can even include an end date when you want to stop receiving updates. This is a great tool to use during a project with a specific deadline. RSS feeds will generate a link that you can go to any time through an RSS reader to see updates to your search.

To find out what database resources at Kresge Library include alerts features, take a look at our A-Z Database List. Resources that have email alert functionality will be marked with a symbol, and RSS features have a symbol.

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