Kresge Library News: BlogLESS: business ethics and design

May 05, 2009

BlogLESS: business ethics and design

BlogLESS is produced by Design Less Better, a small design firm that focuses on the ethics of design and business. BlogLESS has frequent blog posts about what it means to create ethical designs, working with clients, and producing branding, advertising, and corporate websites.

By broaching the topic of the ethics of design, i.e., truthful, transparent design for advertising, websites, etc., BlogLESS by necessity discusses business ethics, and by extension, corporate social responsibility.

Check out their posts tagged with business, for example, to read some interesting thoughts on topics from PR, to presentation slides, to socially progressive brands, to selling without selling out. A quick scan of their browse page's tag cloud displays a wealth of content on advertising and branding, as well as topics on the more technical aspects of design and creating content for the web.


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