Kresge Library News: May 2009 Archives

May 22, 2009

Going Global and USA City Career Guides now available

Through the University Library, Kresge Library now offers access to two new job search databases, Going Global and USA City Career Guides.

Going Global offers career and employment resources, including world-wide job and internship listings, industry profiles, and country-specific career information.

USA City Career Guides provides job search resources, employment outlook, professional networking groups, cost of living, and other employment resources for the 40 largest metropolitan areas in the United States.

Both resources are available to all UM Ann Arbor users.

May 13, 2009

SSRN announces new Corporate Governance Network

The Social Science Research Network (SSRN), the worldwide social sciences research collaborative and community, has announced the creation of a new network dedicated to corporate governance research.

You may be familiar with SSRN through its use as the home of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan Research Paper Series. However, SSRN is home to research abstracts and paper downloads from scholars all over the world, organized into a wide variety of topics, such as entrepreneurship research and policy, economics, management, and information science.

The Corporate Governance Network (CGN) will initially provide access to over 20 ejournals, with free subscriptions through October 2009, and free access to two research paper series. The network will also include information on job openings and professional announcements.

To learn more about the Corporate Governance Network or subscribe to ejournals or paper series, visit the network at SSRN.

May 06, 2009

MeLCat adds functionality for quicker requests

The Michigan eLibrary Catalog (MeLCat), a union catalog of libraries all over the state of Michigan, is a great resource for Kresge patrons. MeLCat allows users to request items from other libraries and have them delivered straight to the Kresge Library circulation desk.

MeLCat recently released a new feature that streamlines book requests. Users must still select their library location and enter their name and MCard barcode once, but will no longer need to re-enter this information when requesting more than one resource in a single browsing session.

Search or browse MeLCat, or learn more about the new feature.

May 05, 2009

BlogLESS: business ethics and design

BlogLESS is produced by Design Less Better, a small design firm that focuses on the ethics of design and business. BlogLESS has frequent blog posts about what it means to create ethical designs, working with clients, and producing branding, advertising, and corporate websites.

By broaching the topic of the ethics of design, i.e., truthful, transparent design for advertising, websites, etc., BlogLESS by necessity discusses business ethics, and by extension, corporate social responsibility.

Check out their posts tagged with business, for example, to read some interesting thoughts on topics from PR, to presentation slides, to socially progressive brands, to selling without selling out. A quick scan of their browse page's tag cloud displays a wealth of content on advertising and branding, as well as topics on the more technical aspects of design and creating content for the web.

May 04, 2009

New eMarketer Report - E-Commerce in a Recession

eMarketer's new report, "E-Commerce in a Recession: The Impact on Consumers and Retailers," forecasts that online sales will go down by 0.4% in 2009. What does this mean after years of double digit growth?

Check out the report for information on opportunities for online retailers in the new economy.

eMarketer is available to all UM Ann Arbor users.