Kresge Library News: By Topic pages laid to rest today

July 28, 2009

By Topic pages laid to rest today

Before we started the Kresge Library Wiki, recommendations about what library resources to use were organized in the By Topic section of the Kresge Library website. Today, those old, out-of-date pages are going to go away, and will be replaced entirely by the wiki.

Since Kresge Librarians started working on the wiki, it's quickly become the most actively updated part of our website, and one of the most popular sections. It's accessible to all our librarians to edit, and so we can quickly adapt its content to our users' needs. We've already created pages tailored to courses, MAP teams, and other projects, as well as pages that organize recommended resources according to research topic.

Check out the Kresge Library Wiki for your own project. If you don't find the information you're looking for, contact us, and we'll probably add the resources we discuss with you.


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