Kresge Library News: Changes to Kresge Library Resources

August 31, 2010

Changes to Kresge Library Resources

For the past year, Kresge librarians have been undertaking a large project to evaluate our database offerings to ensure that we are meeting the diverse information needs of the Ross School of Business. For each of our resources, we have been exploring issues such as quality of data, usability and potential redundancy with other offerings. Our goal, especially in these lean budgetary times, is to streamline our database offerings to best meet the needs of the school. The following database changes are forthcoming from Kresge Library:

  1. Bloomberg. The Library canceled its subscription to the two Bloomberg terminals; however access to Bloomberg is still available in the Tozzi Center. The effective date for this is August 16, 2010. Most company financial information that could be found in Bloomberg may also be found in other library databases like Thomson One Banker, OneSource, or Mergent.
  2. Demographics Now. The Library canceled its subscription to Demographics Now, a demographics and mapping database, in favor of SimplyMap, a more powerful tool that utilizes data from agencies such as the US Census, Easy Analytic Software Inc. (EASI), and Mediamark Research, Inc. (MRI).
  3. Thomson SDC Platinum. The Library canceled its subscription to Thomson SDC Platinum effective August 30, 2010. We have replaced this service with Zephyr, an online mergers and acquisitions database produced by Bureau Van Dijk.

    Please note: SDC remains available for all RBS Faculty and PhD students. Please contact Paul Michaud in Research Computing for further information regarding SDC.

  4. ELM: This resource contains data on Automotive Suppliers, which is available in OneSource, Mergent Horizon and other company databases. This resource was canceled in July 2010.
  5. Emerging Medical Technology: This resource did not provide the types of answers in the medical devices industry that we had hoped. This subscription expired in July 2010.
  6. Mergent Events Data: This resource was not used by the community, and so was not renewed (effective July 2010).

As always, please feel free to contact us using the form or chat box on our homepage if you have questions or concerns about these or any other Kresge Library resources.


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