Kresge Library News: New Database - GBI Research - Now Available

October 07, 2011

New Database - GBI Research - Now Available

Kresge Library has added a new market research database to our A-Z Database page. GBI Research provides detailed market research reports for the chemicals, clean technology, medical equipment, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, power, and semiconductors industries.

These reports provide charts, graphs and analysis for each industry, including market overviews, market forecasts, market drivers and restraints, and for some reports Porters Five Forces and PEST analyses.

A sample of current report titles includes:

  • "OLED Displays and Lighting Market to 2020"

  • "Emerging Pharmaceutical Market in China"

  • "Top 10 Global Petrochemical Companies"

  • "Emerging Medical Devices Technology Trends – 2011"

  • "Nuclear Energy Market to 2020"

  • "Smartphone IC Market to 2020"

GBI Research has an in-house team of over 400 analysts are spread across the UK, the US and India who research and write these reports.

Access to GBI Research is limited to current students, faculty and staff of the UM Ann Arbor Campus.


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