Kresge Library News: January 2014 Archives

January 27, 2014

Kresge Library Will Be Open January 28th

Kresge Library will be open normal hours on Tuesday January 28th (7:30am to 1am). As you know, the University of Michigan has cancelled classes for the first time since 1978 for bad weather. Please be careful out there.

January 22, 2014

Assistance from Kresge Library for your Off-Campus Job Search

Many students are currently conducting research for your off-campus job search. At Kresge Library, we have many resources that you can use and they are featured on the Career Resources for Your Off-Campus Job Search guide.

In an effort to better assist your research on this or any topic, we instead are encouraging you to reach out and stop by the reference desk on the 2nd floor of Kresge Library from noon to 7pm, M-F. Additionally, you can request an appointment to go over these resources or get assistance on a particular topic or field. Please use the Kresge Library Contact us form