October 13, 2008

Knowing (and) Boundaries: OBSTRUCTIONS CONTINUE

What is known is dynamic
as is what is/what becomes knowable

what is/what becomes available to interact with agendas (such as evolving projects)
as obstructions that must be dealt with since the obstructions arise along paths that intersect your project on some scale in some location for some duration of time,

intersections for which meaningfulness, for which some form of significance can/will be established, that significance then part of what is known and offering additional possibilities for what can become knowable.

Information shifts, modifies, extends, shatters, collides with, challenges, links to
other information,

much of it acquired through senses
that form a coalition of perception, one or the other dominating
according to a number of variables and circumstances,

at least a third of the brain's sensory processing systems devoted to visual processing.
There tends to be visual dominance among the sensory perceptual systems,
a dominance that can take part (often a substantial part) in configuring dreams and imagination,
seeing behaving as metaphor for understanding and comprehension;
what occurs when clarity arrives, when something makes sense.

Last time you were asked to consider what you knew and what you didn't know
about a relative of this Metal Ware product: ; what you could know, what you couldn't know. In pursuing some of the shifting and configurable boundaries of knowing, perhaps your will arrive, at least temporarily at locations where circumstances, and information you are bringing into the interaction, suggest the possibility of too much information, and limiting factors according to (flexible) parameters suggested by participating variables (such as the idea system that characterizes your project) may become necessary.

Give some thought to how you determine an (evolving) focus as your project work evolves, and continues to interact with the circumstances of (an expanding) now

to which your project perhaps can connect (in some form on some scale for some duration of time) relevantly, significantly, meaningfully,

significance, relevance, and meaning as flexible framing systems (scaffolding) (that your perceptions (which themselves have been/are being shaped by a number of variables, with and without [your] awareness) shape (within limiting factors).

[which is to further suggest that most things can function as either/as both frame and content of frame, as either/as both container and contained]

Please comment on (form is open) establishment of temporary and/or shifting relevance for the obsctuction set (system) of the Metal Ware object brought to Words & Images last Wednesday, a form of which arrives in an Architecture of Simmer framing system right here:


(music by Strexx Features sounds produced by the Metal Ware object during interactions with Strexx. [Gort and The Stig produce related sounds when traveling and/or orbiting and/or colliding with and/or destroying and/or building framing systems on some scale in some location for some duration of time])

Starting conditions vary,
and these initial conditions (of an interaction set) are important
especially in their sharing the scaffolding of what is possible along paths
these initial conditions can bifurcate into
(infinite possibilities bounded by/within where these initial conditions can go).

Some of you started with the physicality of Metal Ware on Wednesday, a physicality that included attempts to determine what could/couldn't be known, and to that introduction to Metal Ware physicality, those who were involved in that physical interaction can add dimensions/possibilities/challenges/revelations suggested by Architecture of Simmer.

Others will have this post as the initial conditions set of Metal Ware as the context for incorporating the obstruction (interaction) along evolving project paths.

That we are being challenged to establish meaningful connecting points of our emerging/evolving poams to the emerging/evolving/folding/unfolding now (on multiple scales in multiple locations for multiple durations of time) of existence is to also encourage our awareness of conditions and circumstances with which we and our poams can make contact, the contact a bifurcation station supporting/enabling opportunities for further interaction, for further shaping of framing systems, forming a scaffolding system (intact for some duration of time on some scale before breaking, failing, & becoming something else) for existence. In this way, we take on/add to responsibilities we have to moments we occupy/make/manipulate/expand/compress/twist/deconstruct/revitalize/ruin/expose/subdivide/elevate/renovate/share/etc.

I look forward to experiencing outcomes of these obstruction interactions.

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October 06, 2008

(The Little Red Hen arrives right now in the Stig/Gort Forest (to be introduced soon in a later post)

In this extended moment,
extended by the moments in which this post is encountered

extended by what I am aware of bringing into this moment
from other moments,

trimmings & crumbs;

in this moment in which I have some awareness of elements
that I plan to get to in this post as the extended moment unfolds,

a moment that intersects other moments,
a moment extended by others also thinking of The Little Red Hen

(for I've assumed an unlikelihood that of all who know of The Little Red Hen
only I would consider this hen in this moment and any of its extensions;

indeed, when someone who knows The Little Red Hen before encountering this post,
that reader joins me in thought about The Little Red Hen,

and probably those unaware of the story
yet able in this moment of economic turmoil to embrace and construct and conjure
ideas, mental pictures, sounds of a little red hen

extend the hen.
Ah: a little red hen as a temporary center of a universe unfolding here
and intersecting others via a host of tines

such as a little red hen blog
where images from the story form a border at the head of the site whose subtitle is:
peace, politics, yarnlife after 60, tines that can retain relevance,
with what I plan to offer about The Little Red Hen
and with Gort and The Stig.

(from wikipedia by way of amazon), and followed by:

An(other) visual extension:

At Project Gutenberg, the Florence White Williams 1918 version may be read, copied, downloaded for free, in keeping with the terms that appear at the Project Gutenberg website.
The story maintains availability; is augmented with generous access (though not entirely unlimited, as internet access is necessary, and may not be available to everyone which includes those who do not [yet] read English); access fitting for some of what the story, as you will also see here if you keep reading, is about along several of its tines.

At Northwest Entrepreneur Network, you'll encounter Lessons from The Little Red Hen and a gesture of usefulness for the story that both extends and enhances my use of the hen, just as my use can extend and enhance those lessons.

Jean Kazez's In Living Color blog features a Little Red Hen post from October 2007 in which useful ethical questions
are raised. As of my typing this, there were no comments, but that can change, so if any of you care to comment on Jean's Little Red Hen post, please do so —and please do so while retaining your project as an anchor point for responding to The Little Red Hen and Jean's post and this post.

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