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January 08, 2008

Open Invite to Navigate an ATLAS OF LIMITED FORK Navigational Systems

Welcome New and Returning Forkers!

Please take advantage of all (we'll talk about allnesses soon, but without --necessarily-- ever saying all that may be said about a single allness let alone all allnesses) that this blog --that you are joining in progress-- has to offer.
I will be pointing you to various posts from time to time, but you do not have to rely on my prompt to delve into the archives of the Intro to [Limited Fork] Poetry blog.

This post features a video (you'll need real player in order to view it) from early in my writing life, from a time in which the present Proforker self-identified as a writer instead of as maker, my preferred enclosure now.

This pre-fork video of a poetry reading, a term I would not use now when given a choice, is a map of a prior location of body and mind (a map of prior body/mind stations that I did not put online; a map I found while searching for something else; perhaps you can locate some paths to Limited Fork sensibilities here, but if present, they were deeply embedded and/or encrypted so that I could not access them then.

That this location may be perceived as being on the Limited Fork path is possible since I was there before arriving where I am now, all forked (though not yet to the max); however, the location in the following video may not one that made Limited Forkiness inevitable. While this location (part of --a branch-- of the significance of initial conditions) may have imposed some limiting factors, those factors did not then make Limited Forking the only possible path; the inevitability (a form of) happened some years later in the Quality 16 cinema (refer to DOD: the death of depth an Intro to [Limited Fork] Poetry post).


This is a map of an aspect, a facet, an angle of some of the *surface* of what I've become now that I've been forked:

(source image by Strexx of strexx.com)

Here's more: another aspect, facet, angle of some more of the *surface* of what I've become now that I've been forked:

(source image by Strexx of strexx.com)


Speaking of surfaces, what's your take on advantages and disadvantages of mapping (only) surfaces? What are (some of the) relationships between surfaces and volume? What is the purpose of advice to not confine written commentary to the surface?

Consider the problem of surface-based rendering in this image

from the Computer Integrated Medical Intervention Laboratory. Explore the full context there.

and think about ways in which it could be appropriate to think of surface-based rendering as a function of print poams (products of acts of making) as a function of surface-based rendering of (an) idea.


Please accept this open invite to navigate an atlas of Limited Fork navigational systems

Posted by thyliasm at January 8, 2008 11:27 AM


for me, the surface is a beginning, a place to start. example: a job interview...when going into the interviewer's office, the first thing they notice about you is your surface (your outfit, hair, etc), then the questions come, attempting to figure out things about you that are not on the surface. Apearance (surface) does not fully define who a person is, the stuff underneath (the surface) are important indicators also. The surface is a beginning point, but not the entire whole; and without both (surface and underneath) something's missing...at least that's my belief today; as I continue to grow and learn more about life, my surface (appearance) and underneath (beliefs) may change.

Posted by: kymmer at January 13, 2008 12:37 PM

Surfaces are unique and amazing, but not an accurate examination of the entirety of an object.

Posted by: dmangla at January 14, 2008 05:25 PM

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