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January 28, 2008

SURFACE DELIGHTS (& the delighting of the surface: a study in varying & varied illumination)

Approaching (and only that) --yes; also approaching Zeno's paradoxes--

(a related [then again, what isn't related, on some scale, in some form, through some sort of navigational metaphor?] image of Newton's Principia is here presented to you from Math Is Good for You! where the original context may be experienced)

To continue: Approaching surface as point of contact, as the set of points, particle, wave, plasma, stringy or not points, where interactions can and do occur, inner and external surfaces, locations to attempt engagement and entry;

approaching surface in this way, investigate the following surfaces thinking about ways of entry, and ideas encouraged by the structure (as you perceive it) of the surface points of entry (on various/some scale you specify) about the ways of entry (as you perceive them)

into the following surfaces:

(the form of your documentation of this examination of surfaces is open, and may take multiple forms, including a poem or poems)

from SAISIR [TO GRASP] by Henri Michaux (Poems for the Millennium p. 59)
Imagination Dead Imagine by Samuel Beckett (and the commentary that follows) (Poems for the Millennium pp. 86-89)
The Meaning of Simplicity, Naked Face, from and 3 x 111 Tristychs by Yannis Ritsos (Poems for the Millennium pp. 92-96),
Preliminary Studies for the Frankfurt Readings 1984 by Ernst Jandl (Poems for the Millennium pp. 122-123),
A Few Things, from The Philosopher's Stone, The White and the Black Bones by Konrad Bayer (Poems for the Millennium pp. 124-126),
fromSearch for My Tongue by Sujata Bhatt (Poems for the Millennium pp.443-446),
Two Intergrams by Jim Rosenberg (Poems for the Millennium p.826),

the Search Results pages of Tokyo Butter by Thylias Moss

**please note surface interactions/point of contact between elements of the surfaces you examine in the readings/examinations**

Posted by thyliasm at January 28, 2008 03:05 PM


In Quantum physics, scientists are studying a theory of Entanglement; which argues that we (humans, reptiles, earth, moon, uni/multi-verse, etc...) are all connected at a sub-atomic level (string theory; 11th dimension). A lot of humans spend so much time focusing on what divides us, it's refreshing to hear experiments are being run proving connectivity. This is one of many excellent points in the movie/documentary "What the Bleep Do We Know"... which I highly recommend.

Posted by: kymmer at February 7, 2008 07:07 AM

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