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March 12, 2008

ooh! --it's: Place.Mark & the graphic prose poam

Right now (this now is deceptive in its inability to apply well to nows that come after 28 March, but now)

at Work Gallery on State Street opposite Shaman Drum bookstore

the Place.Mark exhibition is underway,
now through 28 March.

And at the Place.Mark exhibition,
you can see my graphic prose poam: eight 20x30 panels.


is a low-res slideshow of the panels,
but I promise you that the installation is quite a bit different, so if you're intrigued,
do go and see it large.

Oh, I was thinking heavily about frame systems when I made this piece,
when I conducted this experiment,

this outcome of mad Limited Forked Theory science.


Millennium Peaches

(Thylias Moss: vocals, arrangement;
remix of environmental experiment 109 from strexx audio lab where you can download sounds)

is the sonic artist statement, that you can listen to here, listen through headphones at Work Gallery,
and/or download here or from the Limited Fork Music podcast,

part of a Limited Fork podcast system at iTunes: Limited Fork, Limited Fork Music,
and the Limited Fork Video Anthology (which hosts student forker videos).


And, in case you missed it, this

is a slideshow of the installation, featuring the visual image work of Jim Cogswell
and the visual text work of the proforker Thylias Moss,
on the windows of the Work Gallery - Detroit.

you can read the installation window text (Cogs in the Glass Machine),
or read it at the Limited Fork podcast.

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