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April 14, 2008

A Last Physical Gathering (of the 340)

Tonight, we meet and share our evolving investigations of framing systems.

We meet in this physical manner in DL1 for a final occasion, but it is likely not, it is hoped, the last time that there are chance interactions, not the last time that meetings occur in thought, influence, practice, and/or imagination

--until such time, such location (if ever) that no evidence, even of memory fold(s), remains, and you forget all about forks (no matter how limited they are to being remembered on some scale, in some form, for some duration of time).

Assuming no end to growth in some form on some scale
in our investigations of framing systems, we designate a particular
time to share the current status of our ongoing (the rest of our lives, at least) work.

Tonight is the night to demonstrate what your framing work is mapping;
to share the status of your framing system investigation as of 6 pm.

We share, and we continue to map, continue to grow in/through/with our investigations of framing systems.

I share with you here what has emerged
so far in my own investigations of framing systems,
a slideshow of my graphic prose poam:

and this video poam:
Wannabe Hoochie Mama GALLERY OF REALITIES Red Dress Code

See you tonight!

Remember: framing (packaging) of your investigation of framing systems need not be submitted until next Monday.

Here's an example of a mapped framing system:

(from cross the breeze where you can experience this framing system in an intended context)

Go to Strange Maps for more examples of mapped framing systems.


Those of you who have uploaded framing system videos to you tube can also submit those videos to play gallery: an online video gallery from the School of Art & Design.

Just add the tag playgallery to your youtube video, and fill out a playgallery submission form.

Selected playgallery videos will be shown on Michigan Public Television. At this time, only videos :30 - 2:50 minutes can be considered for Michigan PBS.

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