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April 24, 2008

REALITY OF IMAGINATION (some strange maps of framing systems)


(in configurations framing [and framed by] educational space

(from Catenary a blog that identifies this image as xkcd's map of online communities from xkcd - a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language, a location to which you can navigate with a click to experience this comic cartography in an intended context)

You are here making a presence, offering a voice among millions of other voices, but YOU ARE HERE, and your articulations of rationale are evidence that you have something to say, convictions of articulation that are willing to say in a public forum, that you are willing to commit to;

Findings of your investigations of framing systems that can meaningfully connect limited forked poetry to anything else prominent in your lives are here:

have a look at some visual samples as framed by this post right here:

Forms of contemplation and activism above and below, in multiple directions in multiple dimensions.

(related to this video from forkergirl at youtube:

(related to this video: Caleidoscope from hunbullstar at youtube)
(which is related to "Albert Einstein Quotes," a video from joeny 4523 at youtube):

--do take notice on the Einstein quote on imagination as more valuable than knowledge, related, of course, a bead, in a limited fork theory necklace, and related to these text poams originally published in The Canary:
Absolute Hairlessness and the Cannibal, Crops of Universes, and Ever Since Crib Days by Thylias Moss, text poams from LFMK, which take place in shadows of Einsten, some of which appear in text form at the tops of a first page of each text poam,

a text poam system related to the video poam LFMK by forkergirl at youtube:

And so the necklace grows...

Here is the necklace as a bifurcating system of forking paths:

And now the necklace is laid out as a blanket, the sound of its descent, sound of contact made as it touches something that also touches it --sonic connections are forms that enter the listener; sounds actually enters ears as forms of doors and windows, traveling to the brain. Listening is a tactile activity, as this image helps us understand:

These images from Nick help to reveal a possible ordering framework underlying some of the beautiful, kaleidoscopic symmetries of movement in interactions and temporary connections in Limited Fork systems:

(to view these images full size, please visit Nick's blog)

And this image offers a composite possibility, composite option, a moment in an interaction set in which there is apparent merger as an outcome of a consideration that places the participants of the interaction set on the same plane of consideration if not on the same physical plane (not that a dimensional plane must have physicality as known in three-dimensional realities):

Such composite outcomes, such collaboration can lead to a need for reconfiguration of terminology used in considering mergers; language forms for referring to emerging understanding and configurations of experience can also emerge, such as in this Maquieira example:

Somehow experience is packaged, and carried with us in various forms, some compacted, compressed, forgotten until/unless some trigger that can retrieve the lost arrives or can help something not previously encountered seem more retrieved than new; but this framing of experience is configurable, and is a form of translation, sometimes into forms, language systems we think we do or can understand in some form, even mistaken understandings which can be the source of insight, conflict, pleasure, beauty, or anything else that can be derived from a source

such as this translation:

Do we shuffle configurations of configurations? Within these systems of intersecting and non-intersecting configurations might there be only configurations, only frames that frame each other instead of something other than frames?
Laura linked to this this video that is a configuration of configurations insisting on substance --that the filmmaker could be involved in acts of making and have a poam that is nothing, without, in some configurations of nothing without any form of substance is interesting; well, here's the nothing:

A welcoming of frames as indicators of charmed existence, existence configured to support the meanings possible within the configurations.

Charmed language system, absolute reliance on language to be able to express, even if only through equivalence, extended symmetry courtesy metaphors; absolute reliance on language systems for the conversion of anything into processable forms,

doors and windows, holes in language, ways into language systems, wys out blocked by language systems, the doors open, but language systems naming them doors

but the beauty of the cracks and creases, the folds in flexible systems, the endless coastlines possible as increments of measure become smaller and smaller,

yet still visible here:

And if hatching from here,
in living visual and sonic colors:

Even what is thrown away, even those sonic and visual bits that fall through tines into sometimes fascinating loops, can be available for interaction,
often with another intangible part of many selves: conscience,and/or insistence on aesthetic expression
(sometimes so that these objects of expressions that are right here with us can take us to places beyond us)


STRUCTURE FORMS AND REFORMS, FRAMES FORM AND REFORM, NAVIGATING IN AND OUT OF EXQUISITE (on some scale) FORMS THAT FOLD AND UNFOLD, ARE ALIVE WITH FORMS OF BEAUTY (according to this perceptual framing,reframing tool-set, that perceptual framing,reframing tool-set)

including the beauty of:

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