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January 08, 2008


In the Limited Fork Theory Development Practicum, there is a commitment to exploring whatever emerges as possible as we study interacting language systems: any/all visual, sonic, olfactory, tactile systems/subsystems on any/all scales

toward boosting and extending the aesthetic and practical output of language-system based expression.

To start, I offer a peak at some of a Proforker's evolution with a pre-fork video of a poetry reading, a term I would not use now when given a choice, that is a map of a prior location of body and mind (a map of prior body/mind stations that I did not put online; a map I found while searching for something else); perhaps you can locate some paths, or to Limited Fork sensibilities here. but if present, they were deeply embedded and/or encrypted so that I could not access them then as access points to anything particular.

You'll need, if you don't have it, real player in order to view this video from early in my writing life, a time in which the present Proforker self-identified as a writer instead of as maker, my preferred enclosure now:


Now examine three takes on text-based visual representations of a Proforker merging with elements of Limited Fork Theory:

take 1: open invite to navigate an atlas of Limited Fork navigational systems

(image from the Proforker collection of captured interactions; go to Shadows, Boxes, Forks, and "POAMs", an interview by Richard Siken, for more about the collection)

take 2: eye of fork

(source image by Strexx of strexx.com)

take 3: some of the words for elements of damage

(source image by Strexx of strexx.com),

Take 3 is related to the video poam
HEAT DOZENS: Elements of Damage:


This video is related to the video poam
HEAT DOZENS: Architecture of Simmer
(on the forkergirl channel:

Both of these videos are related to the Neurological Winter post

in A Limited Forker Girl's Tines blog.

(The entire HEAT DOZENS suite, as presented in the Arts and Minds conference is available in the Limited Fork podcast at iTunes)

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