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January 29, 2008

Space as a Surface for Surfaces and Volumes to occupy

We continue to sculpt and imagine protocols of occupancy of space, including possibilities for what can happen to volume when it is reconfigured for 2D occupancy

--oh yes, yes, yes--

When the object is deprived on those very attributes that make the object a thing that can be separated from the landscape.

(when there is --coming soon to a Limited Fork post near you-- framing)

And a space in which any state of matter is fused, the flattening of the states, the suppression of fluidity, the silencing of separation --for can the wind still move, the gasses, the smells

but without volume, shifting, shimmying, shuffling flatly about the 2D space --you know about Flatland of course,

you can read Flatland here, for a first time aand then or then again and again because you want to

cover of Flatland from Wikipedia Commons


So mind or object? An external reality, difficult to extricate from a perceived, experienced reality (--so many of these!--) or realties in the mind, imagined, constructed realities --not that it's an either/or consideration; I submit to some conventions of expression.

Assumptions, including that the imagined perhaps should be subordinate to an external (more trustworthy? more objective? reality --though it has been processed by a, well, mind) reality

are hard to be aware of much less to actually overcome

--how aesthetic product is ranked, valued, and so forth; that aesthetic expression cannot be quantified (that the forked maker is held accountable for gestures made in language-system based expression)

(a sample of Helen's childhood writing from

WELL, here are some links to Helen Keller bio pages with links to her books in which she describes color, sound --as these things exist for her within the mind that constructs visual and sonic representations or alternate realities (in which it is possible to overcome physical laws)

To assist in your consideration of these ideas, please read, think, about, and comment on (in the context --a frame-- of your emerging/evolving/continuously filtered and refined projects) the following: pp. 502-518 and 770-773 Poems for the Millennium

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