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February 19, 2008

Flux & Frame

Framing a workspace
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Google reader is an option you can consider.
And the official google reader blog is a feed you might want to subscribe to once you set up google reader.

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Also available is Google apps Team Edition which may interest some of you with an @umich.edu address. Google Reader can be part of your configurable start page.

Framing a workspace, digitally or otherwise seems necessary in order to particularize an activity, in order to isolate a particular to do set from all other possible to do sets.

In Limited Fork Theory, there is awareness that the framing of a workspace involved in poam production is also the framing of systems of flux.

A form of relatively stable framing may occur in which there is, in effect, extraction of some system/subsystem from flux where this version of what remains in flux may be interacted with.

A form of relatively active framing may occur in which there is, in effect, extraction of some system/subsystem from flux where this version of what remains in flux may be interacted with.

Apple's Motion is an application based on the framing of activity and interaction.

(from Amazon)

Moment by moment, to the second, interactions may be framed.
Layers may be used to monitor behavior manifested by each component/member of the system/subsystem of framed activity.

What is happening in this area at this moment?

What is a consequence of this behavior
and its interaction with this element of the system?

When this variable enters at this moment, what happens
to what else is active at that moment?

--These are some of the framing questions related to acts of making interacting with and within a general state of flux.


Now how is flux itself framed?

(from Flux Visualization Techniques where the intended context --or frame-- may be experienced)

What is the nature of frames used as flux is navigated (assuming that framing occurs in most navigational patterns/operations)?

What is happening to the framer?

Is the framer simultaneously a tricky term framed?

What about the juggling of frames?

What are consequences of framing?

What are alternatives to framing?

Consider the degree of openness in frames as systems of enclosure.

Consider the density of frames in a system of framing.

Consider systems of internal and external framing.

Consider roles of framing systems of linking and building.

Consider systems of metaphor, especially Limited Fork Theory systems of metaphor, as systems of framing.

Please consider and comment on systems of internal and external framing at work in your emerging/evolving projects, in a poam or system of poam(s) in Tokyo Butter, and in some framed or reframed (please explain) area of Jerome Rothenberg's print poetry on pp. 465-471 in Poems for the Millennium.


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flux is the rate of transfer of mass through an area per unit time and is positive when the flux is upward or poleward

Googlism.com where a google-search poam can be generated for the search term you specify)


Now consider systems of frames/framing and interacting systems in:
(click Me and Bubble went to Memphis for larger form)
related to (interacts with) (also frames/is framed by) the following video:


**Coming ATTRACTION: the framing (sponsored by) initial conditions**

Places to go for more frame work:


visual complexity
many eyes
CCS: creative synthesis collaborative
Future lab

Flowing data
Media scape

Grafitti research Lab

atlas of cyberspaces
everything is miscellaneous
disembodied voices
periodic table of visualization methods


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(from Googlism.com)

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February 12, 2008


Be sure that your (emerging) project involves FRAME

FRAME as means of identification, as means of designating systems abd subsystems

FRAME as bare bones, as underlying structure, as stabilizer, as support

FRAME as boundary, as line of inclusion, as line of exclusion

FRAME as aesthetic object, as ornamentation, as functional

FRAME as meaning building tool

FRAME as shaper

FRAME as space allocator

FRAME as entry and exit

FRAME as ladder

Here are some frames:

(from atv sweden where the frame may be experienced in its intended context)

(from BudgetSpex.com where the image may be experienced in its intended context)

(from Fox Maple School of Traditional Building where the image may be experienced in its intended context)

(Simplehuman U-Frame Dishrack from Kitchen Critic where the image may be experienced in its intended context)

(Problem Solver Bed Frame from Kennedy Company, Inc. where the image may be experienced in its intended context)

(from JAMD where Plane Frame may be experienced in its original context)

(Vest Framework Pattern [framework for "Sumptuously Sized Ladies"] from Wildly Wonderful Wearables where the frame may be experienced in its intended context)

(from Gallery Backyardz where Fatal Frame II may be experienced in its original context)

(from Carol Gimp.org where this extraction frame may be experienced in its intended context)

(from Rootsweb where the resting place of the Frames in Wallkill Cemetery May be experienced in the image's orginal context)


In the context of (framed by your projects, that is to say) your projects
(that are still subject to reframing), please consider the following:

How necessary is the frame?

Does the frame grant permission not to consider what is outside it?

Can there be framelessness?

How might the degree of flexibility, degree of rigidity, and the substance/material of the frame affect what is framed and/or what is supported by the frame?

How might the frame be transgressed or overcome?

How stable need a frame be to function as a frame?

What about frames within frames?

What is the relationship between the framed and the frame? Between the frame and an observer outside the frame?

What happens when frames are active? Inactive?

What happens as frames are shifted? As a series of frames are negotiated?

And when frame frames frame?

What are (some of) the roles of frame in establishing/extending/breaking symmetry?

When the frame is a (form of) mirror?

A (form of) ladder?



(ZelFlex Reusable Stencil frame from lpdfusa.com where this flexible frame may be experienced in its intended context)

(Relavity by M.C. Escher from
pep-web.org where I recommend that you not only experience Relativity in an intended context, but also experience the article Stairways of the Mind (all about a kind of framing) by Juhani Pallasmaa, Ph.D that you'll find there)


Please examine and comment on (framed by your project contexts) the framing that occurs in/on pages: 178, 28, 138, 162, 168, 157, 98, and 99 in Super Vision.

Please also examine the use of frames in Winter Voyage on pp. 601-604 and Scattering as Behavior Toward Risk on pp. 621-624 in Poems for the Millennium


Please also (re)examine and comment on pp. 1-21 in Symmetry by David Wade.

Now to finish off the frame of this post
with three results from a youtube search for frame:

Here, King Crimson performs "Frame by Frame":

Also from youtube, "Layin Frame":

and an interview about the Nikon D3 Full Frame DSLR:


Hmm -how about the symmetry and framing possibilities in a consideration of puzzles and maps?
(hope this fits in well --puzzle pieces) in your project frames)

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