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March 22, 2008

OTHER WAYS TO SAY IT --(other ways to frame it)-- IN A SYSTEM WITH A SYSTEM






**All images by Theodore Gray from his periodic table (and related, available poster).
Click here
and go to Theordore Gray sponsored fun science stuff, assorted Gray links,
including spelling with the elements.

(in case you still need a project, and the desperation factor is kicking in)
links to ideas for the intrepid (which could easily include forkers)
that I am not recommending; try them at your own risk!

Gray lists them
--from his Popular Science column HOW 2.0-- with appropriate, earned

--but if you're desperate, the risk is yours to ponder.
Here's some examples:

Plate Your iPod
Soup-Can Searchlight
The Worst Way to Inlay
Melting the Unmeltable
Smelting in a Microwave
Seeing the Subatomic
Dry Ice Cream


(from add letters.com)


Take a look at how Bill Seaman is saying what he's saying.


Magnetic Poery online
Random Haiku Generator

Book Autopsies by Brian Dettmer for aesthetic purposes
Hollowed out editions of your favorite books

(image of Brian Dettmer's Book Autopsy from Future Feeder.com)

Next: The Illumination of Word/Meaning Mapping/Framing as Neural Network
—I hope that you enjoy (and use often) this online graphical dictionary


And recalling Shooting Blind, the collection of photogrpahs by blind photographers

(image from aperture.org where you can experience it in another intended context)
(see some of the photos here
and Touch the Universe
the first ever book of images from the Hubble Space Telescopes in Braille

(read about Noreen Grice's pioneering work in see-saying it HERE where you can also learn about an expanding line of touch books: the sun, the stars, the moon, the invisible sky

because illumination/framing for you and for the blind continues with Seeing with Sound: Vision Technology for the Totally Blind --be sure to try the downloads (the application is for windows only at this time, but the other downloads are mac compatible), the examples, the everything the site offers: See for yourself!

And listen to this related--isn't everything? link-link-- light-sound connection (from chandra x-ray lab at Harvard):


It is now possible for you to listen to images.
At sky fell.org You can download an application that will transform your image into sound

Here is an image quite appropriate for the reconfigurations that Limited Fork Theory encourages:

(you can get this image on a t-shirt from stamp and shout.com where the image may be experienced in an intended context)

This is what the coexist image sounds like using sound of an image from sky fell.org:




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