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April 15, 2008

More from the Gallery of Interacting Realities

Always (must be qualified, of course) forms of bounty
from that gallery

--and this can be illuminating, the brightness of possibilities of making connections of some form,on some scale, for some duration of time --so that in this system of interacting realities, at some point there is no exclusion of anything that manages to exist in some form on some scale in some location for some duration of time

414 exists/existed

Everything (must be qualified, of course)
contributes to this gallery

as existence (in some form on some scale --even just existence of memory folds-- in some location, on some plane, in some dimension[s], for some duration of time) implies some form of reality has occurred, is occurring, will occur, might have occurred, might be occurring, may occur, has occurred, might be occurring in an active past)

(from turbulence.org where the image may be experienced in an intended context)

Some of these realities
are realities of the framing systems
that you are framing with forms of intention and forms of execution, forms of realization

realities of framing systems that you will talk about tonight
and package for next Wednesday

understanding that configuring and reconfiguring (perceptual) framing systems could be life-long poam-making

as you make meanings of your realities

(and understanding that as items in your galleries of intended realities [in various locations of the mind, including imagination] find ways of manifesting themselves in other forms of external galleries of realities, these realities are translated, these realities adapt and take on forms possible in the realities which they will also occupy)

Here is an example of a gallery of realities
from alyceobvious at you tube:

A page of Haeckel's gallery of aquatic realities, from a nearby realm (often as close as realms of imagination) that nevertheless differs from the 3D realities most mammals occupy with more ease, and often without breathing assistance (though some must carry tanks of oxygen wherever they go and some live in iron lungs, an altered or reframed, reconfigured reality):

(from "boingboing: a directory [or gallery] of wonderful things" where this image may be experienced in an intended context)

Monday Aardvark of Laundry detonated
is a video poam that is a gallery of mixed realities responding to an idea that mixed realities, linked beads to form a single necklace of meaning derived from (a few notable players among many contributors): static cling as experienced by a load of dark socks in the dryer as experienced by the proforker summoned by the dryer's buzzer when the timed drying cycle had finished)

Here you can experience aspects of this video poam framing system (adapted from perceptual framing systems in mind-scape realities) as a text poam.

5 Iterations by Alexandra Grant offers a framing system of continuously adapting realized versions of an idea system.

It is a gallery of realities within this post that is a gallery of realities.

Adaptations of the generosity (for the pattern is situated on many scales throughout the universes --embracing infinites and infinitesimal locations-- of spiral forms and patterns, including the vortex, its symmetries and those shared with projectiles vortices might launch, leaf swirls, twined leaf-dancing systems and a tribute to DNA, mazes and labyrinths-- --way too short a list --that even in brevity acknowledges a master of abbreviated temporality: Andy Goldsworthy:


(from Peregrino Technology.com where this image of the nautilus may be experienced in an intended context)

(from the lancashire area group where this fan worm complex spiral image may be experienced in an intended context)

(from Mass where this image of 32 spiral subgroups may be experienced in an intended context)

(from The Embo Journal where this image of Structural basis for channelling mechanism of a fatty acid, a complex spiraling gallery of oxidation multienzyme complexmay be experienced in an intended context)

(shall we spiral into a Mandelbrot set gallery?

Shall we take a look at Robert Smithson's spiral jetty gallery?

a form that implies movement, that suggests dynamic presences and dynamic shapers, that offer travel, from smaller to larger to smaller to larger, a necklacing of reality

[as in and as in: in which beaded galleries of realities and galleries of beaded realities adapt and are translated into/are reframed as pure, in this adaptation, radiance.]

--May your journeys be illuminated!--

I know that you will carry much with you, but as you are now packing limited forks, I also know that some of that much will slip through a gallery of tine sets --but oh what manages to hold on and oh what you manage to hold on to!--

I know that you will carry much with you, but I would like to offer you an additional gallery of realities set, in gratitude, and as a quasi-parting gift of a framing system:

the Wannabe Hoochie Mama GALLERY OF REALITIES Red Dress Code video poam:

Thank you!

for being as real as it is possible to be. The impossible doesn't happen.

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