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May 01, 2008

Celebrating some of the Flexible Range of POAM Limited Fork Theory Framing Systems


In the preceding video, ee cummings can be heard; his own speaking that cannot speak to or for all of the allnesses with which his text and his speaking voice connect.
In the next video, processing of an ee cummings piece reveals a hybrid extension, a reality of what's possible within a perceptual reality the text piece also inhabits.

Now the sound of cummings speaking the text visually reframed above according to realities of perceptual processing by a collaborator.

When the system framing a poam system includes a poam's connections, any of which is also a collaborator, beautiful patterns and multidimensional, super clusters of complex maze structures can emerge, perhaps can even become prevailing framing systems of super or Uber or umbrella realities.

This video poam contemplates mazes, and some multidirectionality that is a possible outcome of multidimensionality visiting 2D worlds, embedding there for awhile:

The multidirectionality and multidimensionality of forked maps is considered in the following video poam is which poetry becomes a system of navigation:

From within a mazed flexible set of flexible realities,
for that is a fine location, a center moving with you
maximizing access to multidirectional and multidimensional possibilities,
including those situated in the mind traveling with the center traveling with you;

from within a mazed configuration of possibilities of location
the next video offers hope as as a form of flexible structure of a maze within which bifurcations occur, splintering and flowering,
increasing possible paths
and associated meanings

Here BK demonstrates the reframing of a print poam in a form supportive
of guided journeys through a labyrinth

as a form with the possibilities and challenges
(maybe also the frustrations) of a maze:

A journey that now navigates toward, having been prepped
for translation, a path chosen, and toward associated transformations of chooser and path:

How it all unfolds, awareness expanding also
from centers of our knowing, unfolding to encompass more
as circles of our knowing increase, as the flowering occurs

How the flowering exposes Galleries of Realities:

Thank you.

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