September 09, 2008

Collaboration, Ownership, Role of subjects and objects of expression and of community

As you set up and develop your projects/projects sites, do give some consideration to (and comment on, in some form) how responsibility interacts with the information you are generating, framing, sharing, manipulating

(for to present information is to resituate it in the context of the presentation; the reframing is to manipulate the information, to try to cause the information to be seen in some way [shaped by the limiting factors that help to determine a consensus context in which individual contexts emerge, evolve, bifurcate] —even an intention to provide unbiased framing is an agenda, a form of manipulation.

What does it mean to share?
If products of creative expression are free, how do those generating creative products earn a living?
How much free exchange is possible without restructuring societies and communities?
What impact is user-generated content having on authority and on the vetting of expressive producers?
Who will determine the canonical content?
Who can afford to share?
Who can't?
What are the rules that framing systems of information (specify contexts you are/would like/would not like —with reasons in any form— to consider) encourage? discourage? For whose greater good?
How is creativity shaped by direct (specify) and indirect (specify) (desired) goals of creative expression?
Is innovation an aspect of creativity? How do they differ?
Are there similar responsibilities in both?

Looking for the Big Break!

How is the big break configured?
(specify context(s)

How might the big break be (re)framed?

Do you think that some creative and/or innovative outcomes are withheld
or manipulated in pursuit of the big break?
Please explain (in any form[s]).

Here is shared creative expression from Strexx:

How does this creative product address (portions of [some of]) the questions raised in this post?

Let's also take a look at the creative expression that is a system of altering books, as in BOOK AUTOPSIES:

perhaps a practice easier to justify now that book content may be disseminated more easily in digital forms, and now that some fear an increasing obsolescence of printed books that offer more straightforward depictions of text (visit The Institute for the Future of the Book among other locations, and think about the collaborative writing of wiki books).

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