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July 28, 2006


This past weekend I was able to share in the fun of Jake and Mike in the end of their week-long vacation from Burger King! We approached Thursday night unaware of our final plans.. whitewater rafting (which was the plan earlier in the week), Washington D.C., theme parks all over the midwest, and a big city like Chicago or New York all entered our head, but we ended up deciding on a day-by-day basis what to do. Unable to decide if we wanted to immediately leave across the country Thursday night, we decided to hold off and find things to do on Friday. We ended up going to a friend's cottage up north to go tubing on a small lake and use fireworks! 60mph tubing with a driver who is constantly trying to throw you off is not a boring time, that's for sure. We were all so sore when we were done... I think I fell off almost a dozen times. Between holding yourself on to the tube while your body is dragging in the water, trying to pull yourself back on, failing, and pulling yourself back on the tube when stopped, tubing is quite the upper-body workout. That was a whole barrel o' fun. We decided Saturday to try out the Muskegon Air Fair .(sorry Nathan... I totally forgot until after the show that you had called me and were going to be there. Apparently from Facebook you got to meet Dick DeVos while there, too.) Anyways, that was a pretty exciting show, especially when I looked out at the horizon and
saw a black line approaching from the distance
. The shutterbug inside of me immediately grabbed my camera and started clicking the shutter, because I realized immediately that a B-2 Stealth Bomber was about to fly over us. It's pretty funny.. when you go through those pictures in order, it's almost like an animation showing the Bomber fly from one side to the other. We all decided that the B-2 alone was worth the $17 to get in, and there was also an F-16 demo and a fake Vietnam battle and some other things. Just for the heck out it, here are some more B-2 pictures.

After a trip to Old Country Buffet, we traveled to Mike's house to shoot potato guns and use chemicals for the purpose of reaction, but I think those are best described with pictures (coming soon; I need to get them from Mike).

Sunday's trip started at 5AM, and lasted over 24 hours. We left for Wisconsin Dells, WI, with a destination of the Mt. Olympus water/theme park/go-kart complex. They have 9 multi-level go-kart tracks, roller coasters, and indoor and outdoor water slides.. which add up to a fun day. The multi-level karts were amazing! The first ones we did were this tower that winds upward and then takes you down these hills. It was crazy, though, because the person in front of you (and the track) all of a sudden disappeared from view, and then you're suddenly almost leaving the ground in your go-kart, because the hill is so steep. They also have a track, keeping with the greek theme, that involves driving through a 60-foot tall Trojan Horse. To top it off, they have a new wooden roller coaster that has a 140-foot drop and goes through a tunnel underneath the parking lot, such that the coaster has hills on both sides of the parking lot. So that coaster breaks the new record for largest coaster for me! It was after 5AM Monday when we got home, just in time to get some sleep before work for all of us.

To leave you, here is a picture of a roller coaster as we left the park.

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July 15, 2006


Today, a semi-truck hit an asphalt truck on the road adjacent to my neighbor's home. The semi-truck wound up in my neighbor's backyard! The top picture is the view from my backyard (visit this page or click the title of this post, "Crash," at the right under "Recent entries" to view the complete pictures).

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