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September 26, 2006


People are everything.

If there's anything I'm learning right now, that's it.

A friend recently asked an open question: 'how do you give your life meaning?' I thought about this, and quickly realized there are two things: my idealism and the dreams that go with that, as well as my friendships and relationships.

The thing is, my idealism mostly revolves around people. Mostly, around the idea of there being people who are inherently good. Few things make me happier than hearing about someone who does something good, whether big or small, for no reason other than they just want to be nice, or they want to make somebody happy, or they simply think that's the way things should be. I imagine the kind of world we would live in if many lived such a way. The possibilities are endless. We could get eradicate hunger, preventable disease, save the planet, and all with time left over for tea.

Imagine a world like that.

But there are people out there doing more than imagining. And they are my heroes. In one of my classes, I'm learning about a doctor who started a health operation in Haiti to provide effective health care to the peasant class, and how they have essentially eradicated tuberculosis in this area, and are now actively battling AIDS. I've met people who have gone out into the world, whether through the Peace Corps, some other organization, or on their own, to go fight injustice in areas such as health care and fighting AIDS. And you don't have to look hard to find people around home who are fighting for something, people who care. My fricken heroes, you are.

I, however, am not doing that. There are lots of excuses: I have to go to school, I don't know anything yet... the list goes on. But the goal, the thought of maybe one day achieving that, gives me hope for the future. I want to help people. I just don't know how I'm going to do that yet.

But, hell, what good are dreams if you don't have anyone to share them with?

I need you, my friends. I'm finding that I really need to talk to people often. I want to learn about other people, and let them learn something about me. I've had so very many different people to share my concerns and my ideas with lately, and it has been wonderful. There's very little more fulfilling in life than people, I'm finding. So thank you, thank you, to everyone who has carried me through this very rough time in my life.

It has been enlightening, and I have grown a lot as an individual. I'm as happy as I've been in a very long. So thank you, to everyone who has chatted with me, whether online or in person, at 3 AM or while passing by as we go about our lives.

Thank you.

Posted by mjpoll at September 26, 2006 04:02 AM


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