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October 20, 2006

Pro-life is about more than abortion (taken from an election issue group I created on facebook)

Life is precious. But 'life' refers to so much more than an unborn child. What about the other 6.5 billion people living today?

1.1 billion people on the planet have no access to safe drinking water.
An estimated 400,000 people have been killed in the Darfur region of the Sudan in the past several years, and 2 million more have become refugees.
In 2005, 46.6 million Americans had no health insurance.
Due to the U.S.-led invasion and post-war occupation of Iraq, an estimated 44,000-48,000 Iraqi cilvians, 2,786 American soldiers, 235 non-U.S. soldiers, and dozens of journalists, aid workers, and contractors have been killed.
In the past 30 years, over 1,000 people have been executed in the United States.
In 2005, an estimated 38.6 million people were living with HIV.

To us, pro-life is not just anti-abortion. And you don't have to be a Christian or a fundamentalist to be pro-life, as the debate on these issues would imply. To us, pro-life also means pro-human rights, anti-war, anti-poverty, anti-HIV/AIDS, anti-captial punishment, and fair and quality healthcare for all, just to name a few. And anti-abortion doesn't necessarily mean we think that abortion should be outlawed in the U.S. It might for some; this group is still for you. There are others who feel that there are other ways to decrease the number of abortions; this group is for you, too.

It's about time we change the direction of this debate.

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All sources accessed 20 October 2006.

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You have intersting thoughts here...

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