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June 25, 2009

Geography Extras

Creating County level statistics from microdata files

The following document illustrates how one can use microdata files to produce statistics at the county level.

One uses a PUMA equivalency crosswalk to determine which PUMAs to combine for a county and/or which PUMA to associate with multiple counties.

The example uses Illinois as an example, illustrating the percent boomers by PUMA and the percent boomers by county.

Creating County Level Statistics from Microdata Files

Contact me for the programming behind this. The goal is to create a widget that will take PUMA-based statistics as input and output county-based statistics as input. However, all that exists at the moment is a SAS-based program.

PUMA Equivalency File [based on 2000 Census]

The following PUMA equivalency file describes how each PUMA corresponds to counties in the US. The ACS uses the same mapping scheme.

PUMA Equivalency File [Excel]

PUMA Equivalency File [Text}

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