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June 23, 2009

Mapping Resources

Introduction to Mapping [ppt]
Jeff Strickland

ACS Map Making Tutorial
Jennifer Ailshire

GETTING CENSUS DATA for CENSUS 2000: With Emphasis on Mapping Themes from Census 2000
This is a tutorial from the University of Virginia on how to get data into ArcGIS. This is one of the more frustrating steps in making maps. Pay special attention to the bottom of page 2 and top of page 3.

Using ArcGIS
This is a good generic guide to using ArcGIS. It has some specific links to the Yale University library, which developed the resource. Ignore these and use it as a general reference.

Data file for class exercise

Child Poverty [PUMA-based]

Short Guide to Statistical/GIS Resources
Jeff Strickland

Mapping from the Census Bureau website
This is a short description of how to make maps using the Census Bureau website. It requires no GIS skills or software. All of the tools reside on the Census Bureau site. The drawback is the limited flexibility on being able to find a table and/or geography that meets the users' needs.

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