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June 21, 2009

Powerpoint Presentations and Guest Speakers

Below are links to the lectures presented at the workshop. On occasion, there were handouts associated with a presentation. These are listed under the presentation.

Historical Overview of the U.S. Census

Additional resources:
Annotated Bibliography on Literature on the Censusp
Supreme Court cases relevant to the Census
Congressional Efforts to Control the Census and the Census Bureau
Census Taking and Census Undercount: Prickly Statistical, Political and Constitutional Issues

The Development of the American Community Survey
Link to American Community Survey Compass Products

Understanding Census Geography

Pop Quiz: Using the News to See What Have We Learned

An Introduction to Summary Products (and American FactFinder)
[shortened version of a Census Bureau presentation]
Presentation Notes
[shortened version of a Census Bureau presentation]

[See class exercises for the American Factfinder Exercises]

(Tabular or Microdata) or (Both or Neither)

Introduction to PDQ-Explore

[See class exercises for the rest of the PDQ examples]

Technical Issues (mostly statistical) Associated with the ACS

Making an Extract from the IPUMS website

Detroit: A History of Race Relations through Maps
[To be posted later]
Jason Booza

Introduction to Mapping
Jeff Strickland

The Economy, Public Policy and Poverty in the U.S.: What Changes Can President Obama Make?
[To be posted later]
Sheldon Danziger

Raphael, Steven and Eugene Smolensky. 2008. "Immigration and Poverty in the United States." Unpublished working paper. UC Berkeley: Goldman School of Public Policy.
Article above mentioned in Danziger presentation.

Additional Data Resources

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