June 21, 2009

Class Exercises

American FactFinder Exercises
[Summary data]
American FactFinder Exercises
Pages 1-4: Unusual Poverty HotSpots
Pages 5-9: Not ready for prime time; census tracts
Pages 10-12: Not ready for prime time; bulk downloads of zip code data

Looking at poverty with ACS Summary data

"College town 'poverty' exposed: Low-income students help win grant money"
Stephen Koff and Bill Sloat | Cleveland Plain Dealer
September 17, 2006

Data files
Household Poverty (ACS 2007) [Excel]
Vacancy data for Cleveland census tracts (Census 2000) [Excel]
Median Income for zip codes (Census 2000) [Excel]

PDQ-Explore Exercises
Using the ACS, 2007
Using several years of the ACS
Using data from Census2000
Using ACS and census data
Looking at change over time
Complex Queries Using "Pointer" items
Using the Current Population Survey

Additional Resources for PDQ-Explore

Indexing for Cost of Living
Variable Names across the Census, CPS, and IPUMS

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