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April 20, 2009

KIDS COUNT Data Center now offers community-level data

"Want to find out how kids are faring in your county or school district? Our newly redesigned KIDS COUNT Data Center features local data in addition to hundreds of indicators of child well-being for cities, states, and the nation as a whole. Create your own maps, graphs, or charts, and use them in presentations or post them on your own website or blog."

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April 02, 2009

Selected new articles from PSC researchers

Thornton, R. L. (2008). The Demand for, and Impact of, Learning HIV Status. American Economic Review, 98(5), 1829-1863.

Zeng, Z., & Xie, Y. (2008). A Preference-Opportunity-Choice Framework with Applications to Intergroup Friendship. American Journal of Sociology, 114(3), 615-648.

Marteleto, L., Lam, D., & Ranchhod, V. (2008). Sexual Behavior, Pregnancy, and Schooling Among Young People in Urban South Africa. Studies in Family Planning, 39(4), 351-368.

Song, S., & Burgard, S. A. (2008). Does son preference influence children's growth in height? A comparative study of Chinese and Filipino children. Population Studies-a Journal of Demography, 62(3), 305-320.

Freedman, V. A., Grafova, I. B., Schoeni, R. F., & Rogowski, J. (2008). Neighborhoods and disability in later life. Social Science & Medicine, 66(11), 2253-2267.

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