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June 08, 2010

Forgiveness: A Gateway to a Stress-free Future

"Folks in this town know how to hold a grudge!" - That was Anne of Green Gables commenting on her experience with the unforgiving townsfolk while at her first job as a school teacher.

In this era of grudge keeping, revenge taking and vengence planning, this little news-story from baseball comes as an absolute breeze of cool air: Umpire costs player a perfect game, umpire fesses he mistake and player forgives him with a hug and everything is over. Sounds like a movie, but its true.

Forgiveness is a liberating closure that permanently removes the stress from planning a revenge. Especially on ourselves.

A new mantra for the new age: I forgive myself and everyone else, for all the things they have done to me in the past, present and future.

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June 02, 2010

Stress Through Courtship Competition Shortens Male Lives

A study being published in Evolutionary Psychology, coming out of our campus hints towards the stress of courtship & competition for female attention as a life shortening stress factor.

Just yesterday, while chatting with my barber, the topic of relationships while being in school came up. She is an American of Irish descent. Her son, 27, is avoiding the dating scene to stay focused on his studies. In my books, that is a remarkable display of wisdom. Many societies discourage scouting for life partners too early on, not just on the grounds of religious morality, but simple wisdom of keeping the head clear. The person can focus on the important tasks at the time, i.e. getting a quality education.

Realizing that finding a life-partner independently is not just a regular stress, but a life shortening stress is critical in understanding the age old customs of arranged marriages can be labeled backward and Victorian, but are a part of a health promoting lifestyle going back centuries in the east.

However, the custom of arranged marriages has degraded in the east. It has become a corrupt instrument of gaining wealth, building political or business relationship between families. So money-based arranged marriages are the other end of the stress spectrum, far from the original goal of retaining a healthy atmosphere for the young to educate and establish themselves without worrying about finding a soulmate themselves.

A report on the UM study is published here on publicbroadcasting.net, the home of NPR Michigan.

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