March 15, 2006

Management speak translation

In the spirit of Bob Lewis, IT pundit extraordinaire...

"The 3rd Wednesday has snuck up on us, and I did not send out a notice for the meeting. Was anyone planning to meet today, or do you vote for next week?"

Translation: I'm not capable of looking forward in time on my calendar and planning accordingly.

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February 14, 2006

Unsteady Progress

Last week I thanks some of my cohorts for helping drag our department in to the 90s. They laughed. We all cried a little on the inside, however.

Here is an excerpt of an IM conversation:

Player 1: Hey, average user joann has posted news items to the Intranet.
Player 1: And technical user bob, too!
Player 1: What is this world coming to?
Me: Yeah, without training!
Player 1: HOLY CRAP
Me: Almost like it is easy to use, intuitive, a labor saving convention!
Player 2: People can learn some things on their own?

Uphill battle all the way.

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Supervisor Interruptus

So I went to my boss' office the other day to ask some follow-up questions about an urgent request from said boss. I knocked on their office door (why is it always closed?) and was greeted with, "You're interrupting me, I'm trying to prep for a meeting." Nice.

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January 16, 2006


When we have things that are favorable to us, why do we seek to find solutions (to non-problems)

Say you are going to get a rebate on a service you contract from your employer. Maybe the rate will change in the future, and maybe that makes people nervous. Just don't make up numbers to justify something wrong.

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