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March 31, 2006

Press Conference for March 31

Some excerpts from this week's press conference, as related by the Shmooze PR-nik.

Gentleman in the back of the room: Yes, I understand that you are currently working on the Kosher Hot Dog Cart. Could you please tell us where you are, as far as permits and cleaning are concerned?
• "Yesterday, we started the process by cleaning the cart @ Hillel. One cleaner said he felt like Cinderella, scrubbing away at the 'remnants left by his older sisters, [or in this case,] three years worth of hot dog grease.' It was a very rewarding experience for these scrubbers, though. We thank them for spending so much time working on the cart when they could have been shmoozin' it up on the Diag. Great dedication. "

You, with the glasses: One, did you finish cleaning the cart? And two, what's next?
• "Yes, we finished with the cart. The next step is to obtain the proper permits from Washtenaw County, the City of Ann Arbor, and hopefully, the University. Oh, and did they mention earlier about OSHA food safety training? We got to get that too."

Freckles, on the left: Describe your feelings regarding Relay for Life.
• "We're kvelling over the support that our community—students, friends, and families—has given to the team. In the past few days alone, we've added six new Relay for Lifers to the team! We couldn't be happier. Though, a few more donations to the American Cancer Society wouldn't hurt. You can donate through the link on the side of our blog (-->)."

Portly fellow by the door: I've heard rumors of a Pesah Dessert competition. Could you indulge my readers with some more information.
• "Most certainly. Saturday, April 8 in the afternoon, at Palmer Field during Relay for Life we are having the first, hopefully annual "Erasing Stereotypes" Passover Dessert Competition. For years there has been this misconception that Passover is a holiday with horrible dessert food, with the exception of those fruit jellies shaped like orange slices that we tried to sell each year at Sunday school. Anyway, we want to turn this negative image around by inviting the Shmooze-going public to a competition where they can both enter and judge various desserts prior to the holiday. That way, if you like a dessert so much, we'll give you the recipe and you can make it for real the next week. The details, regarding a specific time, have yet to be determined. Though, we believe mid to late afternoon on April 8 @ Palmer Field in the Shmooze tent.
• "Also, if anyone is interested in entering a dessert, please, please, please, e-mail our dessert coordinator (irobi@) before the event so we can clear table space."

Hillel Beat Reporter: What can we expect from Shmooze as far as the Gala is concerned?
• "Expect big things. I feel confident that we will easily walk away with a hat trick of awards on Sunday evening. In fact, we're already busy writing our acceptance speeches.

You, the one with the gimpy leg: I heard about this week's upcoming Holocaust Vigil. Will Shmooze be participating? And what can I do for my gimpy leg?
• "On Thursday, April 6, an extended vigil will occur on the Diag to read names of victims from the Shoah. We encourage anyone who might be able to read names, including those with gimpy legs or just ten minutes of free time, to contact lorihs@umich.edu for further information. We must be going now, for the wind is up..."

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March 22, 2006

No more macaroons (unless that's your thing...)

Great meeting tonight. We had a quorum. The spread this evening: delicious mandelbrot and fresh, homemade mango salsa and chips. Highlights from the meeting. Everything else, as you know, is in the notes below.

  1. M Shvitz—New, old time. 7:30 on Thursday. Be there.
  2. Relay for Life—We really need to begin our fundraising efforts. I say this every week, but we are now less than three weeks out. Use the e-mail feature on the website. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please shoot me an e-mail (rubyr@) ASAP. Also, eat at California Pizza Kitchen tomorrow and 30% of your meal proceeds go toward our team. So easy, and tasty.
  3. Hillel Hot Dog Cart—We are working on getting all the necessary licenses to put it in operation. The plan is to have everything in place so, come Welcome Week, we can "hit the ground running."
  4. "Erasing Stereotypes" Passover Dessert Competition—Along the same lines at the kugel-off, we intend to get rid of the negative stereotype surrounding passover-friendly desserts. We're moving beyond macaroons. More details to come. Mark April 8, 2006 as the tentative date on your calendars. This way, you can sample desserts during Passover spring training and put them in the lineup for the regular season, the following week.

Before the Meeting Notes:

Biggest gripes about Facebook
Iron Blech Recap = Ian Ranting about the Iron Blech
(The harangue is in no particular order)
Hot Dog Update

Ian met with Diane Redmond, Hillel liaison for Hot Dog Affairs, among other titles. He dropped the word “feasibility? in his speech. Here are the step we need to take to get our kosher dogs on campus.

  1. Go to the County Health License. Shouldn’t be tough because Hillel already has a license for the kitchen.
  2. Every one who is involved must go through “Food Safety Training.? Must be able to handle health and mashgiach officials. Should take 20 minutes.
  3. City of Ann Arbor for a vendor’s license.
  4. If we want to sell on U property, must get a license there too.
  5. Requires about an hour of prep time to load up with dogs, buns, relish, mustard, onions, ketchup, napkins, foil, water, pop, and chips.
  6. Must keep track of inventory.
  7. License last for one year.

David is coming back for a fifth year to run the cart. Ruby shakes his head. Ian says, “whatever.?
Rachel thought that Welcome Week would be a great opportunity to start the cart up. Jon concurs. A great fundraiser at the beginning of the year to raise awareness of Shmooze. Plus, no one has real commitments at the beginning of the year. Is this a feasible undertaking for the Club? Do we have enough people to work it? Sandra never wanted to be a hot dog saleswoman. But the prospect of campus celebrity status changed her mind. And what about outside the bars? We could sell one or two days a week to make it more feasible. [Rachel stands up to leave.] We’ll look into getting licenses by the end of this year so we can start easily in the fall.

Shvitz Headband Update

Relay for Life
We really need to step up our fundraising activities. Several opportunities:
  1. California Pizza Kitchen. Thursday, March 22. All Day. 30% of proceeds go towards RFL. Just write your team name on the back of the receipt. So easy. And delicious.
  2. Can Drive still going on in the dorms (EQ, SQ, WQ, Mojo, Markley, Couzens, and Lloyd)
  3. Theta Taxi service tomorrow. Contact Ruby (rubyr@) for details.
  4. Please use the e-mail feature on the website. Honestly, it takes two minutes. No longer. So easy.
  5. Luminaria. We need to fill these out.
  6. Sign up for walking times and final information will occur at the next meeting.

New, old time: Thursdays @ 7:30
Shvitz Field Trip
To be discussed tomorrow. Big things. Big things.

“Erasing Stereotypes? Passover Dessert Challenge

Building on the success of the Malka and Elimelech Kugelov Kugel-off, we are planning on undertaking a very serious issue. “Passover dessert has been plagued,? stated Ian. He didn’t notice the pun in his words. Perhaps they’re missing the leavening, but they still have much to offer. Logistics?

[Orly shows up]
Sandra wonders why the dorms have switched to miniature bananas. No one knows. Ian reminisces, with Sandra, about the panini maker @ West Quad.
Daphna would like a date to go see Les Miserables @ the Fisher Theatre. Please let her know (dheisler@)
Tobye Singer is putting on his play this week @ Hillel. Visit the website for more details.
Ian and Ruby are arguing about Opening Day @ the Fish.
Ian congratulates Shmooze for its support of the Bone Marrow Registry. Eleven shmoozniks got their fingers poked this week.
American Dreamz, with a “z? is being screened by M Flicks this Friday @ 8 in the Natural Science Auditorium for FREE.

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March 18, 2006

What's your beef?

KITCHEN STADIUM—Members of Shmooze left the O-Minyan's Iron Blech competition hungry and slightly perturbed, though satisfied with a top-five finish. Head Coach Daphna "Moshe Moto" Heisler remained cheerful following her debut performance.
  LSA Students Rob Weisenfeld and Allen Weiss placed at the competition with their wing sauce-inspired, kishka-infused culinary concoction—Number Four. Eastern Michigan student Yedida Schramm, sister of LSA senior Chaim Schramm, however took home this year's Iron Blech Iron Blech (well ... she carried it home after shabbos)—Number Two. Actually, Schramm wore her cholent-winning apron home following the competition. She couldn't be reached for comment, though she seemed quite pleased immediately after the announcement.
  "I've never made a meat cholent before," Schramm said in her victory speech.
  Team Wing Sauce, the real O-Minyan winners of the competition, was pleased with their finish. The combination of spices and cow intestines (read: kishka), according to one commentator, are the keys to a successful cholent. Other competitors used spice liberally as well. In fact, Shmooze received much praise for the "explosion of flavor" in each bite. Though critics of the Shmooze cholent, Shmooze Shtew, pointed to the insufficient amount of liquid in its base as a detriment to its success in the competition.

Event Analysis: Beefs & Reforms
  1. [Beef:] Insufficient distribution of cholent. [Solution:] Two Crock Pots per cholent. Sarah remembers stations (wo)manned by their respective cholentier (pronounced: cho•lent•EE•ay), though Tali still did a great job.
  2. [Beef:] Start time. [Solution:] Give a time, stick to it. If it means delaying the competition for five or ten minutes, please do it. ~ish times are always later. So, 12:30ish would imply some time following 12:30, not before.
  3. [Beef:] Hunger. [Solution:] Eat before you arrive. Prepare a fleishig-friendly snack for later. Don't plan on being filled up by ten (if you're lucky!) small dollops of cholenty goodness and some pita with hummus.
  4. [Beef:] Lack of a cholent presentation. [Solution:] Give each cholentier one or two minutes to speak about their cholent before the compeition begins.

Moment of humor: "Here's the problem with Orthodox people, they're not too keen on reforms!" (Anonymous, 3/18)

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March 15, 2006

Taschen about upcoming events

Another great meeting. Good participation from everyone, including some first-time attendees. Several items were on the docket for the meeting. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Iron Blech competition this Saturday, 12:30ish, @ Hillel. Bring your friends and help Shmooze win its first cholent competition. Our practice went well last weekend, but the coach thinks we can really step it up another notch ("Bam!" Emeril-style) on Saturday. New spice coach brought on board. Details in notes below.
  2. Shmooze is looking into running the Kosher Hot Dog Cart on the Diag. Much support from those present. Look forward to seeing your favorite shmoozniks hawking dogs (and singing opera or Yiddish folk songs) in the near future.
  3. We need to continue our efforts in both raising money for Relay for Life and signing up participants. For those already signed up on the team, PLEASE read the notes in the second half of this post for super-easy fundraising ideas. And if you'd like to walk/raise money for the ACS event, please follow this link. Thanks.
  4. I Shvitz Blue headbands are in the process of being made. Updates, and possibly, a finished product for the next meeting. Blue sweatbands with maize writing, or vice versa?
  5. "James' Journey to Jerusalem," tentative date for screening will be March 28.
For the always-hilarious, and sometimes inane, shminutes from the shmeeting, please follow the link below.

Introduction/Purim Recap. Who would you liked to have dressed up as on Purim, if you had the means?

Upcoming Iron Blech competition
Movie Screening: "James' Journey to Jerusalem"
Shmooze is in talks with the Kosher Hot Dog Cart leadership.
M Shvitz
Relay for Life
  1. 141 teams already signed up. Over $51,000 raised already.
  2. So importatnt that we begin raising more money. Really! Use the e-mail tools on the site. Honestly takes two minutes. A few more if you want to personalize the solicitation e-mail.
  3. Luminaria bags can be given for any size donation. If you want more bags, see Ruby (rubyr@)
  4. "Give a little, walk a little" approach. What's better than 24 hours of shmoozing and helping a helping a great cause? [A rhetorical question, please don't answer. Fine. Answer if you will.]
  5. Currently, a Can Drive going in the major dorms for Relay for Life. Bins have been scattered throughout these facilities.
  6. Yost Skate Night, this Sunday from 6 to 8 PM. $5 (with $3 going toward your team).
  7. The standard goal for the Relay is ~$100 per team member. We need to both get more participants AND start raising more money.
  8. STAND against genocide in Sudan. Shira will donate ribbons and Shmooze will support the benefit.

Citigroup Lecture by Dr. Aaron David Miller, of no relation to Rabbi Jason or Bode @ 4 PM in Hale Auditorium on Wednesday, March 15. "Is Arab-Israeli Peace Possible? Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Negotiations?." Dr. Miller is a former president of Seeds of Peace and current advisor for the Woodrow Wilson Center in D.C.
The Books will be playing weird, eclectic, but great music @ UMMA on Wednesday @ 7.
Mark your calendars for April 5 to attend the annual Golden Apple Award lecture. This year's recipient, Dr. Eric Rabkin, a very distinguished English teacher. Please arrive early and leave all crossword/soduku puzzles at home.
Thursday, March 16 @ 7:30 is the Spiral Project—a film made by many University students on 35mm. Information on the posters everywhere around campus or e-mail Aaron (kaczanda@).
Daphna has entered the blogosphere. Please stop by You JUST read my mind. She appreciates all comments, though not the spammers.

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March 12, 2006

Mir Meetn to Discuss If and How We'll Meatn

We will be meeting this Tuesday, March 14, 8 PM @ 1023 Church.
Among the topics to be discussed:

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March 06, 2006

Keen on helping out

Good meeting tonight. A little low on the turnout which meant more food—Hamantashen and Seven-Layer Cake—for everyone in attendance. Here's a quick rundown of the most important (time-wise) events on the Shmooze docket.

  1. Fundraiser for Ukrainian Jewish Community @ Cliff Keen Arena. We need (at least) 10 volunteers to spare two hours on Wednesday evening from from 6-8 PM to set/clean up Cliff Keen Arena. The University will then give the Ukrainian Commmunity Center $300. So simple. Please e-mail Ian (irobi@) if you'd like to volunteer. So easy. If you've read this far, I hope/expect you to ponder this opportunity for at least ten seconds. Thanks.
  2. Last chance to sign up for Relay for Life and receive a free t-shirt. Participants may sign up until April, though a free shirt is not guaranteed after this Wednesday. Go here to register and get more information.
  3. Iron Blech competition on March 18. Cholent cookoff (err... slow simmer off). I heard he carved his tasting spoon from an even bigger tasting spoon.
  4. Purim this Monday: 7:00 @ Hillel. 9:30 @ Studio 4. $7 Donation (for an organization that send Jewish children to camp) gets you in the door. Drink specials. Costumes. Megillah!
For this week's always-hilarious minutes, please read on

Agenda for March 6, 2006

Extremely Important Pre-Meeting Notes

How was your break?
Interesting or awkward story

Relay for Life

Future cooking event

Iron Blech(IRON CHEF MOSHE MOTO) on March 18, 2006

Movie event

Cliff Keen

Invisible Children

World Tour this weekend

Purim Update