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March 22, 2006

No more macaroons (unless that's your thing...)

Great meeting tonight. We had a quorum. The spread this evening: delicious mandelbrot and fresh, homemade mango salsa and chips. Highlights from the meeting. Everything else, as you know, is in the notes below.

  1. M Shvitz—New, old time. 7:30 on Thursday. Be there.
  2. Relay for Life—We really need to begin our fundraising efforts. I say this every week, but we are now less than three weeks out. Use the e-mail feature on the website. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please shoot me an e-mail (rubyr@) ASAP. Also, eat at California Pizza Kitchen tomorrow and 30% of your meal proceeds go toward our team. So easy, and tasty.
  3. Hillel Hot Dog Cart—We are working on getting all the necessary licenses to put it in operation. The plan is to have everything in place so, come Welcome Week, we can "hit the ground running."
  4. "Erasing Stereotypes" Passover Dessert Competition—Along the same lines at the kugel-off, we intend to get rid of the negative stereotype surrounding passover-friendly desserts. We're moving beyond macaroons. More details to come. Mark April 8, 2006 as the tentative date on your calendars. This way, you can sample desserts during Passover spring training and put them in the lineup for the regular season, the following week.

Before the Meeting Notes:

  • Erick asks “Why are the people in the facebook not students? And what about the high schoolers with e-mail addresses?” AND
  • Rachel wants to show Orly her finger AND
  • Ian is thinking about an icebreaker question AND
  • Rachel supports fruit (ie. mango) in her salsa AND
  • Shira is afraid of trying new things, especially salsas AND
  • Erick cannot wait until 4:59 next Friday to see if he got in to the business school AND
  • Weiss showed up fashionably late, though well before the meeting officially began AND
  • Ian cannot wait to describe the news about shvitz AND
  • Ian spoke with his professor about shmooze. Lupovitch loves the idea. Sign that man up AND
  • Everyone in the room grew up in Metro Detroit except Erick AND
  • Elan’s mom is Mrs. Levine, the really nice Hebrew teacher from Hillel. Shira is amazed. AND
  • Weiss thanks the house for the spread AND
  • Shira asks about the color of Mrs. Levine’s hair. Awkward. AND
  • David is feeling better today AND
  • When Ian finishes his mandelbot, the meeting will begin…
    Chewing noises, clucking, crumbs, slurping, tortilla bags crinkling. Ian wipes the crumbs off of his shirt and we begin.

Biggest gripes about Facebook
  • Erick—High school kids? What are they going there?
  • Zack—If you’re going through other people’s friends, you have to view by page. With your own friends, you can just scroll down.
  • Ian—Apparently, there are 70 people on the shmooze e-mail list, 22 of whom are on Facebook, and 4 of whom are not on the e-mail list. It makes sense, numerically, if you think about it.
  • Ruby—There is some resistance, at least in the boardroom, to not allow him to look at Facebook. “If I were sitting on the couch, and someone is on Facebook next to me, a comment would definitely be made. And I don’t like that.”
  • David—The inability to have cross-institutional membership in groups. No such thing as a global group. Too limiting
  • Daphna—You can’t delete groups. (Some voices in and says that is false.) She wants to get rid of the group, started by Erick, called “Daphna’s Soulmates.” Sandra and Rachel are (re-)joining the group as soon as they get home.
  • Jon—Has no real big gripe. Actually is very pleased with the website. Questions why people fake their birthdays? “Who does that?” Rachel says she did that one day to feel special. The following day she put an apology on her wall. “All it means is that none of my friends know my real birthday.”
  • Sandra—When people “wall” stuff that should be “messaged,” not “walled.” David and Sandra relate the situation to one another. “Who are we kidding?” Anything time-sensitive or personal should be messaged, not walled. Everyone laughed at Sandra’s story. Ian read her wall aloud.
  • Rachel—Global groups are a problem. Global GUTS, on the other hand, is not a problem unless you don’t have Nickelodeon GAS. Her gripe is about former campers. She gives them limited profile access.
  • Elan—The people at you own university who are unclickable. Elitist? It almost defeats the purpose of the Facebook. Stalker problems? Police?
  • David, part two—Revised search mechanism got rid of Advanced Search. Sucks. He was trying to stalk, but was foiled because of new search.
  • Jon, part two—Loves the new trends feature. Shmooze could be Top 10 group @ Michigan if 40 more people join the group. Sign ‘em up.
  • Shira—Elan took her original gripe. Who doesn’t put a picture on their profile? “Who are these people?, ” she stated accusingly. David agrees, perhaps sarcasticly.

Iron Blech Recap = Ian Ranting about the Iron Blech
(The harangue is in no particular order)
  • Shmooze members stormed out
  • Pleased with top five finish
  • Many people agree with his points.
  • Rachel said that some people had to put their cholents in the oven because Hillel ran out of Crock Pots.
  • Fingers pointing. Hands gesturing.
  • Mini Soclof draft analysis? “Explosion of flavor?”
  • People were eating cholent just to eat. Ian asks, who?
  • Accusation of Rachel being one of these people.
  • Logistic changes? Where are the Dixie cups?
  • Germ theory approach question by Rachel? Vehement disagreement by many at the meeting.
  • Cholent, one or two syllables.? Accent over the whole word.
  • Assistant spice coach absent @ the meeting. Commended though..
  • Daphna plugged the Shmooze club. “We took a spice approach,” she said. Only team with a spice coach. She snuck away after she finished speaking.
  • Rachel: Best flavor of all. Weak consistency. True, true.
  • Rob Weisenfeld: Best scrapings he has ever had.
  • Ian has trouble saying cholent in one syllable.

Hot Dog Update

Ian met with Diane Redmond, Hillel liaison for Hot Dog Affairs, among other titles. He dropped the word “feasibility” in his speech. Here are the step we need to take to get our kosher dogs on campus.

  1. Go to the County Health License. Shouldn’t be tough because Hillel already has a license for the kitchen.
  2. Every one who is involved must go through “Food Safety Training.” Must be able to handle health and mashgiach officials. Should take 20 minutes.
  3. City of Ann Arbor for a vendor’s license.
  4. If we want to sell on U property, must get a license there too.
  5. Requires about an hour of prep time to load up with dogs, buns, relish, mustard, onions, ketchup, napkins, foil, water, pop, and chips.
  6. Must keep track of inventory.
  7. License last for one year.

David is coming back for a fifth year to run the cart. Ruby shakes his head. Ian says, “whatever.”
Rachel thought that Welcome Week would be a great opportunity to start the cart up. Jon concurs. A great fundraiser at the beginning of the year to raise awareness of Shmooze. Plus, no one has real commitments at the beginning of the year. Is this a feasible undertaking for the Club? Do we have enough people to work it? Sandra never wanted to be a hot dog saleswoman. But the prospect of campus celebrity status changed her mind. And what about outside the bars? We could sell one or two days a week to make it more feasible. [Rachel stands up to leave.] We’ll look into getting licenses by the end of this year so we can start easily in the fall.

Shvitz Headband Update
  • Yellow headbands with blue writing.
  • Gotfried will get the ball rolling, as the saying goes, this week.
  • We should have them soon.
  • Extras can/will be sold from the Hot Dog cart next year

Relay for Life
We really need to step up our fundraising activities. Several opportunities:
  1. California Pizza Kitchen. Thursday, March 22. All Day. 30% of proceeds go towards RFL. Just write your team name on the back of the receipt. So easy. And delicious.
  2. Can Drive still going on in the dorms (EQ, SQ, WQ, Mojo, Markley, Couzens, and Lloyd)
  3. Theta Taxi service tomorrow. Contact Ruby (rubyr@) for details.
  4. Please use the e-mail feature on the website. Honestly, it takes two minutes. No longer. So easy.
  5. Luminaria. We need to fill these out.
  6. Sign up for walking times and final information will occur at the next meeting.

New, old time: Thursdays @ 7:30
Shvitz Field Trip
To be discussed tomorrow. Big things. Big things.
  • ”James Journey to Jerusalem” to be postponed for this semester.
  • Ann Arbor Film Festival: Oren Goldenberg’s film on Saturday @ 7
  • ”When Do We Eat” to be screened @ the Birmingham Theatre on April 21. The trailer for the dysfunctional family seder flick can be seen here. Requires Quicktime.

“Erasing Stereotypes” Passover Dessert Challenge

Building on the success of the Malka and Elimelech Kugelov Kugel-off, we are planning on undertaking a very serious issue. “Passover dessert has been plagued,” stated Ian. He didn’t notice the pun in his words. Perhaps they’re missing the leavening, but they still have much to offer. Logistics?

  • Must be before Passover.
  • To be conducted @ Relay for Life, on Saturday afternoon. [Notice this meeting is taking place during the Michigan-Miami basketball game. Ian and Ruby will gladly provide you with reasons why they are not in attendance or watching on TV]

[Orly shows up]
Sandra wonders why the dorms have switched to miniature bananas. No one knows. Ian reminisces, with Sandra, about the panini maker @ West Quad.
Daphna would like a date to go see Les Miserables @ the Fisher Theatre. Please let her know (dheisler@)
Tobye Singer is putting on his play this week @ Hillel. Visit the website for more details.
Ian and Ruby are arguing about Opening Day @ the Fish.
Ian congratulates Shmooze for its support of the Bone Marrow Registry. Eleven shmoozniks got their fingers poked this week.
American Dreamz, with a “z” is being screened by M Flicks this Friday @ 8 in the Natural Science Auditorium for FREE.

Posted by rubyr at March 22, 2006 10:25 PM


great recap. sorry i missed it. my facebook gripe? the fact that just perusing casually can lead to recognizing students on the street whom you've never met, but seem to know based on an uncontrollable urge to keep digging deeper in the stalker handbook. hello, you've gone too far.

and all the other gripes were spot on. spot, on.

Posted by: kaczanda at March 23, 2006 12:17 AM

I must take issue with something about the blog. I can't stand missing a meeting and then reading the recap because I can't voice my opinions, and we all know i've got some opinions, so then I'm forced to heckle David down the hall about everything, but Its just not the same, and I want to see how much longer I can keep this sentance going, but I'm getting bored of it already, which is probably due to my ADHD habit, so there it goes. Always remember, a friend in need, is a pest.

Posted by: amilgrom at March 23, 2006 12:50 AM

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