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March 31, 2006

Press Conference for March 31

Some excerpts from this week's press conference, as related by the Shmooze PR-nik.

Gentleman in the back of the room: Yes, I understand that you are currently working on the Kosher Hot Dog Cart. Could you please tell us where you are, as far as permits and cleaning are concerned?
• "Yesterday, we started the process by cleaning the cart @ Hillel. One cleaner said he felt like Cinderella, scrubbing away at the 'remnants left by his older sisters, [or in this case,] three years worth of hot dog grease.' It was a very rewarding experience for these scrubbers, though. We thank them for spending so much time working on the cart when they could have been shmoozin' it up on the Diag. Great dedication. "

You, with the glasses: One, did you finish cleaning the cart? And two, what's next?
• "Yes, we finished with the cart. The next step is to obtain the proper permits from Washtenaw County, the City of Ann Arbor, and hopefully, the University. Oh, and did they mention earlier about OSHA food safety training? We got to get that too."

Freckles, on the left: Describe your feelings regarding Relay for Life.
• "We're kvelling over the support that our community—students, friends, and families—has given to the team. In the past few days alone, we've added six new Relay for Lifers to the team! We couldn't be happier. Though, a few more donations to the American Cancer Society wouldn't hurt. You can donate through the link on the side of our blog (-->)."

Portly fellow by the door: I've heard rumors of a Pesah Dessert competition. Could you indulge my readers with some more information.
• "Most certainly. Saturday, April 8 in the afternoon, at Palmer Field during Relay for Life we are having the first, hopefully annual "Erasing Stereotypes" Passover Dessert Competition. For years there has been this misconception that Passover is a holiday with horrible dessert food, with the exception of those fruit jellies shaped like orange slices that we tried to sell each year at Sunday school. Anyway, we want to turn this negative image around by inviting the Shmooze-going public to a competition where they can both enter and judge various desserts prior to the holiday. That way, if you like a dessert so much, we'll give you the recipe and you can make it for real the next week. The details, regarding a specific time, have yet to be determined. Though, we believe mid to late afternoon on April 8 @ Palmer Field in the Shmooze tent.
• "Also, if anyone is interested in entering a dessert, please, please, please, e-mail our dessert coordinator (irobi@) before the event so we can clear table space."

Hillel Beat Reporter: What can we expect from Shmooze as far as the Gala is concerned?
• "Expect big things. I feel confident that we will easily walk away with a hat trick of awards on Sunday evening. In fact, we're already busy writing our acceptance speeches.

You, the one with the gimpy leg: I heard about this week's upcoming Holocaust Vigil. Will Shmooze be participating? And what can I do for my gimpy leg?
• "On Thursday, April 6, an extended vigil will occur on the Diag to read names of victims from the Shoah. We encourage anyone who might be able to read names, including those with gimpy legs or just ten minutes of free time, to contact lorihs@umich.edu for further information. We must be going now, for the wind is up..."

Posted by rubyr at March 31, 2006 10:58 AM


he felt like Cinderella, scrubbing away at the 'remnants left by his older sisters, [or in this case,] three years worth of hot dog grease.'

I dig where this is going. But who is the Shmooze Prince [Der Kleyner] Charming? Possible means to an end at the Ball [er, Gala] this Sunday at Hillel. Set your clocks. Predictions?

Posted by: kaczanda at March 31, 2006 02:42 PM

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