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March 18, 2006

What's your beef?

KITCHEN STADIUM—Members of Shmooze left the O-Minyan's Iron Blech competition hungry and slightly perturbed, though satisfied with a top-five finish. Head Coach Daphna "Moshe Moto" Heisler remained cheerful following her debut performance.
  LSA Students Rob Weisenfeld and Allen Weiss placed at the competition with their wing sauce-inspired, kishka-infused culinary concoction—Number Four. Eastern Michigan student Yedida Schramm, sister of LSA senior Chaim Schramm, however took home this year's Iron Blech Iron Blech (well ... she carried it home after shabbos)—Number Two. Actually, Schramm wore her cholent-winning apron home following the competition. She couldn't be reached for comment, though she seemed quite pleased immediately after the announcement.
  "I've never made a meat cholent before," Schramm said in her victory speech.
  Team Wing Sauce, the real O-Minyan winners of the competition, was pleased with their finish. The combination of spices and cow intestines (read: kishka), according to one commentator, are the keys to a successful cholent. Other competitors used spice liberally as well. In fact, Shmooze received much praise for the "explosion of flavor" in each bite. Though critics of the Shmooze cholent, Shmooze Shtew, pointed to the insufficient amount of liquid in its base as a detriment to its success in the competition.

Event Analysis: Beefs & Reforms
  1. [Beef:] Insufficient distribution of cholent. [Solution:] Two Crock Pots per cholent. Sarah remembers stations (wo)manned by their respective cholentier (pronounced: cho•lent•EE•ay), though Tali still did a great job.
  2. [Beef:] Start time. [Solution:] Give a time, stick to it. If it means delaying the competition for five or ten minutes, please do it. ~ish times are always later. So, 12:30ish would imply some time following 12:30, not before.
  3. [Beef:] Hunger. [Solution:] Eat before you arrive. Prepare a fleishig-friendly snack for later. Don't plan on being filled up by ten (if you're lucky!) small dollops of cholenty goodness and some pita with hummus.
  4. [Beef:] Lack of a cholent presentation. [Solution:] Give each cholentier one or two minutes to speak about their cholent before the compeition begins.

Moment of humor: "Here's the problem with Orthodox people, they're not too keen on reforms!" (Anonymous, 3/18)

Posted by rubyr at March 18, 2006 02:14 PM


If you're making a veggie-friendly cholent, only one Crock Pot is neccessary...

Posted by: rubyr at March 18, 2006 03:19 PM

exactly how friendly is "veggie-friendly cholent"? in my experience, not so much

Posted by: dheisler at March 20, 2006 11:00 PM

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