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April 06, 2006

Free Dr. Brown's Soda!

Productive meeting. Great turnout. Delicious cake, baked by Hillel Gala speaker extraordinaire, Daphna. Here are some highlights from the meeting. For the full schedule of walking times, please see the extended post link.

  1. Relay for Life: From 10 AM on Saturday, April 8 through 10 AM on Sunday, April 9, the Shmooze Club/Society will be participating in this year’s relay on Palmer Field. All are welcomed and encouraged to stop by the field to shmooze with us, walk a few laps, nosh, play some games, donate, or listen/watch the several student groups performing. Full details, as far as the official schedule of events, are below.
  2. ”Erasing Stereotypes” Passover Dessert Shindig: The Passover dessert, since we left Egypt, has been plagued. One can only eat so much chocolate-covered matzo or jellied fruit slices. Thus, along the lines of the Malka and Elimelech Kugelov Kugel-off, we have decided to hold a competition for Passover desserts to be held @ 10:30 PM on Saturday, April 8 at the Shmooze tent site on Palmer Field during Relay for Life. All are welcome to attend and judge. Dessert entries will be taken until the actual event, though if you know ahead of time, please e-mail Ian (irobi@) and he’ll give you some information regarding preparation and/or drop off times. More details available below. Oh, and did I mention Dr. Brown's Kosher for Passover soda as a palate cleanser?
  3. Kol Hakavod: Michigan’s premier Jewish a capella group will be performing their final concert of the year this Saturday, April 8, @ Hillel. This concert marks the 13th year since the group began, thus, a b’nai mitzvah celebration for the performers. Tickets are $5 at the door. Candle lighting and slideshow will begin @ 9 PM.

Always engaging Ice Breaker Activity, as decided upon by Vice Presidente Erick. “The World Cup is starting in under one month. Tell me the team that will win and why.”

  • Rabbling amongst the Shmoozers.
  • Who’s in the tournament?
  • Is Israel playing?
  • Ian clarifies that most of the countries in Europe are in contention
  • Someone suggests another icebreaker…

New Ice Breaker Activity, proposed by Ian. What events, on the half sheet that you’ve received, are you most excited for, OR, what do you propose adding?

  • David: I'm excited for the most politically incorrect-sounding lap: hang man
  • Adam M: I like the lap theme of friendship [Both David and Adam leave the meeting to turn in $323.50 collected before the meeting began]
  • Erick: Doesn’t want his idea stolen. Latino dance lap. Sarah said salsa. He flashed a “crazy sexy” Latino look at Adam Eliyahu Soclof
  • Rachel: The thing that she would like to see is Israeli dancing. She is also looking forward to the sponge relay. “Why can’t you get the sponge?” is voiced from multiple attendees.
  • Stefanie: I want to see the Michigan Dance Team or the Goldfish game. Sarah claimed that Stefanie stole her ideas.
  • Sarah: I want to see the poker lap. She wants to know what the logistics are. Rachel believes that this has to do with cattle, like the red hot poker that you brand them with. Ruby thinks that device is called a cattle prod.
  • Frayda [who has walked in late]: The morning wake up work out excites her, though it doesn’t mean she’ll be in attendance for that
  • Elan: Looking forward to the 5 AM 180° lap. Does it involve walking backwards, switching directions, or turning around? Deb and Rachel started talking a different language at this point. Giggles too.
  • Shira: I probably would like to play root beer pong, considering my partying history. [Editor’s note: ask her about the craziness from later that evening.]
  • Aaron: I like playing hang man during class, so that’s what I’d go with
  • Adam Eliyahu: Should I take offense to them calling Irish dancing “lame?” [spelled l-e-i-m].Rachel recalls an experience in the East Quad bathroom when she read that sign. He would like to see the water balloon toss. Apparently, they are more innocuous than eggs.
  • Ruby: The telephone game will be the worst lap. Erick says that it will be his favorite lap because he is that guy who always changes the saying.
  • Deb: The glow in the dark tag sounds really cool. I did that when I was little. Actually, we did flashlight tag.
  • Ian: He is excited to see Simon Levinson play the role of Simon during the Simon Says themed lap. Daphna confirmed his [meaning Mr. Levinson's] participation as the resident Simon Says expert for Shira, who is very gullible.
  • Daphna: The most exciting thing will be the midnight pizza party because I assume we get pizza. If not, then I will be kind of let down. [Sandra walks in @ 7:50]
  • Sandra: Morning wake up work out. “I don’t know what that is but I’m excited.” [She later changed her activity to the cowboy/cowgirl lap.]

Adam Soclof has the floor. He has one announcement and two questions:

  1. This weekend is the annual O-minyan Lunch-Away. If you haven’t RSVPed, contact apotek@umich.edu soon.
  1. I've heard rumors of a Kosher Hot Dog Cart on campus. Is this true? And is Shmooze involved? I used to drive, out of my way, to North University during high school to have kosher hot dogs. Will it be a reality, yet again?
    • Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of its previous incarnation, the Hillel Hot Dog cart will be back in action soon. This past week, Ian and Daphna spent several hours prepping the cart for inspection by the County Health Department. Shira showed up later. Soon, permits will be requested and obtained to make this fleishig dream a reality once again. [Editor's note: We've heard suggestions that Shmooze ought to sell fruit from the cart as well, both to placate the veggie kids and also because there is no good fresh fruit option on campus, unless you steal it from the dorms.] If you want to work on this project, contact Ian.
  2. I forgot...

Relay for Life
Ruby takes the floor and shares with the Shmoozers as much relevant information about the event as possible. He has a lot of information. "Let’s look at the schedule and I’ll highlight a few things with you:"

  • Relay starts at 10 in the morning. If you've volunteered to bring in items for the event, you can drop them off earlier that morning or in a dorm room of a Shmooznik in Couzens. We would love to have as many foldable chairs, lanterns, or food as possible.
  • The way the event will run is basically this: someone from the team will be walking around the track the whole time, hopefully two or more for better schmoozing.
  • There will be activities going on Palmer Field all day and night.For 3-on-3 basketball, Root Beer Pong and Relay Idol, please see Ruby after the meeting. Advanced sign up is necessary. "I guess so that they can make brackets."
  • You are encourage to stop in all day. We'll be there.
  • Music—both bands and a capella—will be entertaining the participants as well.
  • In the morning, Relay will have all sorts of breakfasty/brunch food like bagels, fresh fruit, and juice.
  • At midnight, there is a huge pizza party.
  • Our big event—"Reversing Stereotypes" Passover Dessert Shindig" is @ 10:30 PM following the Kol Hakavod concert.
  • The Shmooze Club will have a tent or two set up around the field. Orly will make a big sign. We will have a table with refreshments. You can leave your chairs, blankets, card games, sidewalk chalk, or homework there. If you have a couch on your porch, it might turn up on Palmer Field. Ian volunteered to portage available couches for a nominal fee. If you have collapsible chair, please bring it. Side conversation begins about the word portage. Pronunciations and meanings abound.
  • The realy will continue despite disagreeable weather. I would bring a rain coat if I were you. Though, in a major storm situation, the relay will be moved into the CCRB.
  • There will be water, energy drinks, pop, and juice available all day.
  • Also Relay will be having a cookout in the evening. We can’t hibachi due to restrictions from the University.
  • Ruby passes around the sign up shee for walking slots. Someone nixes the idea. Ian calls an audible and goes with the auction approach.

    10 - 11 AM: Adam M., David
    11 - 12 PM: Ruby
    12 - 1 PM: Aaron
    1 - 2 PM: Adam M.
    2 - 3 PM: Erick
    3 - 4 PM: Stefanie, Sarah, Adam S.
    4 - 5 PM: Shira
    5 - 6 PM: Sandra
    6 - 7 PM: Daphna, Shira
    7 - 8 PM: Elan
    8 - 9 PM: Sarah, Stefanie
    9 - 10 PM: Orly
    10 - 11 PM: [EMPTY]
    11 - 12 AM: Frayda
    12 - 1 AM: [EMPTY]
    1 - 2 AM: Rachel
    2 - 3 AM: Jonathon, Jed
    3 - 4 AM: Daphna, Adam M.
    4 - 5 AM: Ruby, Ian
    5 - 6 AM: Ruby, Ian
    6 - 7 AM: Rachel, Frayda
    7 - 8 AM: [EMPTY]
    8 - 9 AM: [EMPTY]
    9 - 10 AM: David
    If you'd like one of these time slots, e-mail Ruby (rubyr@)

"Guys, can I get some attention?" said Ian. I need to know who will be entering the Dessert Shindig. Respondants include: David, Elan, Sandra, Aaron, Rachel/Shira, Ruby/Ian x3, Daphna, Adam M., Adam S. ??? ("Our house is pretty lazy"). Erick will not be frying platanos. Weiss might enter even though he wasn't present at the meeting. If you want to include kitniyot, just make sure that your dessert is labeled sephardic.

Ideas for Shmooze Team uniform for the Relay:
  • Bandanas
  • Kippot
  • Tzitzit
  • Baton
  • Jerseys
  • Ian's Maccabbi track suit
  • Orange pants. Not everyone has orange pants Rachel, many people responded
  • Face paint
  • Blue ponchos
  • Shtamp of Approval will be "on hand"
Nothing resolved except "Stamp of Approval."
No meeting next week!

Posted by rubyr at April 6, 2006 02:18 PM


as per my conversation with Ian tonight, I am officially requesting a live audio feed. Or maybe even a two way. How would a distance membership sound?

Posted by: weissjo2@msu.edu at April 7, 2006 02:19 AM

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