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April 18, 2006

Next: The Every Three Weekly

"Perry Teicher is brimming with plans for next year," notes Christine Bremmer in this morning's Michigan Daily. Teicher, the Hillel Governing Board Chair and fellow Shmooznik, described to the Daily his enthusiasm for some of Hillel's programs that students should look forward to in the fall semester. And taking center stage in this excitement: Shmooze! Here is a short snippet from Beamer's article:

Schmooze [sic] made its debut on campus earlier this month at Relay for Life, providing Jewish desserts [that were Kosher for Passover] to participants. Pending the issuance of a vendor permit, Schmooze is also planning to start a kosher hot dog stand on South University Avenue this fall...

The article focused on campus cultural groups'—with their new leaders—plans for the upcoming semester(s). La Voz Latina, Muslim Students Association, Native American Students Association, United Asian American Organization, and American Movement for Israel, amongst other student groups, were profiled.

When reached for comment about the group's newest publicity outlet, Ian shouted "Yes! Yes!" while performing the classic Jordan-esque move, the fist-pump-and-jump, which is way better than the more reserved Tiger Woods' feet-planted-putter-in-one-hand-double-fist-pump. [Editor's note: Ian high-fived David in celebration, causing David's hand to sting for three minutes, thirty-eight second afterward.]

After calming down, Ian said that he was "definitely surprised by the group's publicity in the paper. And in the last issue of the semester's Daily. Yes!"

Speaking of planning and looking forward to events in the coming semesters, all Shmoozniks are invited (and encouraged) to attend the final Shmooze meeting of the year, this Friday, April 21 @ 4. We will be discussing events, activities, and kosher hot dogs.

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