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September 03, 2006

And we're back.

This year, Shmooze hit the ground running at its first meeting in the friendly, internet-connected confines of 543 Church.
As always, we started the meeting with an icebreaker. Ian has been thinking of this icebreaker for the last three weeks: If there was to be a sandwich named after you, what would be in it?

From this, the conversation shifted to the Detroit-area challah, kikhel, and kiddush scene. Amira says that Zeman's Bakery has really stepped up with their braided challah

Official-ish Shmooze Business Section

1. Hot dog cart-The hot dog cart will hopefully be open in a few weeks in front of Hill Auditorium. We have the permits to be open, we just need to get a few more details ironed out before we open up. We need people to staff. If you have any interest in working it, let me know.

2. Festifall-Shmooze has a booth and needs people to staff it. We will be there shmoozing, distributing cookies and kikhel, and adding names to the e-mail. If you can staff, let me know.

3. Schemes-People have been scheming (Look at this word. That is why we spell "shmooze" like we do) all summer and this was the forum to present them.

The time for the next meeting will be announced soon. We need people to step up, much like Zeman's did with their braided challah and take some responsibility in Shmooze.

Anyone who will be free for ten minutes or more on Thursday, should (read: must) e-mail or call Ian with a time that s/he can stop by the Shmooze booth on the Diag. Ian does not want to hear about you joining the Squirrels, Solar Car, or Swashbuckling clubs if you do not stop by the Hot Dog Cart. He really needs people between 10 AM and 1 PM. Unless you're working on the North Campus affiliate, Shmooze Tsafon, he expects to see you passing out Kiddush cookies.

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