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November 16, 2006

Good evening and a rich welcome to you

Best game: (yeah, it's an open prompt)
Erick: 1986 Argentina-England World Cup Final. Argentina scored a goal that wasn’t a goal.
Shira had never heard of hit. It’s called the Hand of God goal. It’s the biggest rivalry ever.
Rachel: Rock, Paper, Anything. Instead of scissors, you say anything you want. Whoever can say better why there thing should win, wins the game.
Erick laments over how his official World Cup keychain broke
Avie: I like the game “would you rather?” You have to choose what you would rather do between two options.
Ian: “I Win” or catch because in both games everybody’s a winner
Shira:: Jewish Geography
Avie doesn’t know what it is. Rachel explains that when you meet someone new, it’s how many people you know that they know that is Jewish.
Shira also likes “Do you remember when?” – the nostalgic game
Rachel went to give blood for the second time in her life, and they turned her away because she didn’t weigh enough. Even though she had already talked to her doctor about it.

Shira is going to take Williams’ bible literature class.

Ralph Williams Speaking for Shmooze, officially:
On the subject of Williams, he will be speaking at the next Shmooze event after Shabbat dinner at Hillel on Friday Dec. 8.
We went through Rachel’s schedule. Shira declares that next semester’s course guide sucks. It is horrible, nothing exciting. Avie declares that she is going to be a General Studies major, this is before she has officially declared anything.

On the subject of Willaims, Shira brought up the Patrick Stewart moment at the Sonnet Slam. After Alex Gorash gave a hip-hop rendition of a sonnet to start off the event, Stewart told Gorash that he removed all meaning from the words. It broke out into a philosophical debate about the merits of hip-hop. The tension was so intense.

How to publicize the event: E-mail lists, flyers, word of mouth (everybody needs to do it) It will be huge.

Hannukah Party
We want to do a food competition
Ian thought we should do a Iron Chef-style with one ingredient given and the chefs can do anything they want with it.
Erick thinks we should have a Mr. Potato Head party
Think of a food that we could do.
We settled on the date: Thursday December 14

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