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November 06, 2006

Liders and Best

No I'm not. Yes, you are. Nope. Uh-huh. I don't think so. Do it. Uhhh, fine. Good.

Sorry about that. The two voices in my head have been arguing for the past twenty minutes about how best to start this entry. To appease Larry and Moe, I've decided to include that brief snippet of their conversation. Thus, before they begin arguing again, I'll give you a quick recap of the weekend's events—highlighting the shabbos dinner and concert and marginalizing the movie night.

[Note to self: Save frequently when writing blog posts]

I want to start of this post by doing a pinch-and-pick-up-the-cloth-over-my-shoulder-so-as-to-flaunt-my-superiority move after hearing reviews of my kugels from Friday's dinner. After my performance over the weekend, I think I'm in a good shape to earn my second Golden 9x13 award (given to the Kugel-off champion)[I don't want to hear anything about voter fraud. Those toothpicks were placed legitimately and counted correctly]. I made three kugels, and almost all of them were gone by the end of the night.

Is there anything else I need to mention about Shmooze's second shabbat dinner?


Oh, wait. I might want to thank our hosts at 517 Elm for putting up with my crap, cooking ineptitude, and lack of kitchen etiquette. Another group of people that I would want to thank for the smashing success that was Friday's dinner is Eden, Shira, Marina, Susan, Josh, Shira, Rachel, Lizzy, Ruby, Shira, Avery, Karen, and Rachel for preparing the not undelicious dinner. Finally, I want to thank the 30+ people who came for the free food and stayed for the great company.

Don't woryy. With my schedule opening up a little bit next semester, I plan to have a couple of these events next semester.

Shmooze was placed in charge of publicity for the concert and, considering the turnout, I think we did a pretty good job. Walking through the crowd was like taking a tangible tour of the Shmooze e-mail list. The highlite of the evening occurred after Amazin' Blue's intro when someone from another publicity committee thanked the student groups who helped organize this event, including Shmooze. I nearly peed my pants. Really. My one regret was that we didn't stock our would-be table (sorry, I missed the e-mail) with the hot dogs and head bands that have been discussed ad nauseum in this forum.

We were also placed in charge of publicity for the Shmozoe movie event and, considering the turnout, we might want to consider co-sponsoring more events in the future (maybe with the Dept. of Screen Arts and Cultures).

On the plus side, we helped supply Erick's kitchen with solid foods, a state of matter that it desperately needed.

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