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November 01, 2006

Tommy: Is this your first time?

Paul: Yeah, Tommy. It is.

Tommy: Dude, I can't believe you have never been cow tipping before.


As always, we started the meeting off with an icebreaker. And, since it was Halloween, we decided to go with an open-ended Halloween-themed icebreaker. Answer any of the following questions: What is you favorite Halloween memory growing up? What is the best costume you have ever had? What is the best costume you have ever seen?

Ian: Between the ages of 6-16, I went to my friend's house every year and trick-or-treated in his neighborhood. His mom was very into the holiday and the Halloween decorations were all all over the house. I was Tommy Amaker this weekend.

Erick said he saw a couple of people dress up as Jim Tressel.

Ari and Shira are discussing Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, but Ari was focusing on the show’s content while Shira critiques Regis' appearance.

Noah: My house was always the hang out house because my mom gave out the regualar-sized candy bar. (He lives in a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating). My best costumes ever: In second grade, I was Billy Joel; In Seventh grade, I was Wilson from Home Improvement (with a fence to cover his face).

Mike: My best costume was when I was a senior in high school. I was Catwoman with mini-skirt, boobs, and everything. It was so good that one of my best friends started hitting on me in shul because he couldn't tell it was me.

Erick: I was Santa Claus this weekend, but it wasn’t original. I saw two guys dressed in orange and they said they were orange juice. Halloween is a crazy party in Costa Rica.

Laurie: I’ve seen so many costumes this weekend (four parties). SNRE kids are very creative. A girl dressed up as Caesar with orange slices (Orange Julius). I was a girl from Austin Powers.

Fallon: My favorite costume ever was Quailman.(Shira was Doug at one point in her life)

General conversation: Everybody liked Mr. Dink (by everybody I mean Mike and Noah).

(Break to distribute candy)In the spirit of the holiday, I bough a few big bags of candy from Meijer, gave everybody a plastic bag, and had a little trick-or-treating within the Shmooze meeting,. Ari also unseeded a Pomagranate.

Back to the action: Noah threw a Take 5 to Shira, but she couldn’t make the one-handed grap.

Tedi: I was never a big fan of Halloween. I was bear every year, because my name’s Tedi. I think part of the costume was store bought and part was homemade.

Ari: Halloween is my favorite holiday, although I was the same thing every year since I was four (a slice of pumpkin pie). When I was 12, my costume had to be upgraded (I retired it last year). One year, my sister was an entire graveyard with tombstones. The best part of the day is when you come back with a pillowcase full of candy and trade with your friends.

Shira: This is my first Halloween (and Shmooze is glad to say that they were there for Shira's first Halloween).

Noah and Mike agree that the Take 5 is the best candy bar. They set aside five Take 5 bars, two for themselves and one for Ian.

Noah: I want to nominate the Monster Mash as the best holiday song (It's a graveyard smash).

Transitioning between icebreakers and the first topic of the meeting

Erick: UHS sucks.

Ari: I didn’t carve a pumpkin this year (Frayda can’t be introduced, she is talking to Ari)

Frayda: Best costume ever: As a little orthodox girl, I never trick-or-treated. I was a rebel in 10th grade. I dressed up as Santa Claus.

Erick: Good choice to rebel.

Frayda: I would say Merry Christmas. One house asked me to sing Christmas carols. I didn’t know any (stage fright).

Ari: I love Christmas carols. They should be all year round radio.

Noah thinks that Dec 20- Jan 3 is the only tiem that Christmas carols should be on the radio.

Erick: It starts with Thanksgiving

Shmooze Classics Film Series

It starts on Thursday night with the screening of The Frisco Kid at Hillel at 8 p.m. in Green Auditorium. Traditional movie food will be served (ie. mutliple types of popcorn, JuJubes, Junior Mints, Goobers, Raisinets, Sour-Patcdh Kids, etc.) Please come and tell you friends to come. This idea has been around since the groups inception.

Ari proposes putting butter on the Milkduds, a la Homer.

Shabbat Dinner

517 Elm at 7:30.

Shira: I can’t get over how good that shirt looks on Ian (commenting about his cowboy/lumberjack shirt that he bought in Jackson Hole because he needed something to wear to the Big Ten Women's Basksetball Tournament).

Ian: We need to figure out what to eat.

After a few minutes of debate, we decide on this rough outline for the menu: Chicken dish, huge salad, yellow rice, green beans in soy sauce, kugel, fruit salad, bobka?, manishevitz (both varieties [we will be checking IDs]).

Noah wants a whole bird. Shira thinks that an assortment of legs and breasts will work better.

Ivri Lider Concert

Tickets almost out tickets. Shmooze is in charge of publicity (or at least co- in charge of it). Buy tickets and tell your friends to do the same. It is on Sunday at 7:30 at the Blind Pig. A Capella group Amazin' Blue will open for Ivri.

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"this is the worst day of my LIFE."

franklin corners memories.

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