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January 15, 2007

Ed, I mean Ephraim Martin

You might not recognize the name Eyal Shlomovitz, you might know him as "Shaq of Israel." Actually, you probably haven't heard of him.

But the dominance of Shlomovitz, and three other Isralis on the South River, N.J. Moseh Aaron Yeshiva High School in the New Jersey Yeshiva High School League have raised questions about the legitimacy of their palying status and embroiled the school in the first recruiting scandal in league history. Scandal is nothing new for the team's coach, Ed Leibowitz, whose illegal use of foreign players on high school teams was described as "unprecedented" by the state's high school sports association.

How did four Israeli youth basketball talents end up playing basketball in our nation's armpit?

Aside from Shlomovitz, the other three players are from Gush Katif and found their way to the States following the pull out. But the Shlomovitz's aren't even religious. Last summer, his family toured the United States to search for a place to demonstrate his basketball talents, find security, and earn a collegiate scholarship.

There is much more to this hilarious story but I probably couldn't tell it as well as the reporter from the Neward Star-Ledger.

I would like to thank Shmooze e-mail list member and Daily sports editor Jack for bringing this to Mir Blogn's attention.

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